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Thread: Girls, A question about Crotches

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    Default Girls, A question about Crotches

    Is there a single girl that is attracted to the myriad crotch shots that male ab/dl's post on the net? I mean, is there a single girl that would watch a video of a guy's crotch and then say, "Man, I gotta get that guys number!"

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    do you think you girls should let the guys know, for their sake? or is it best to let them keep doing it for profiling purposes??? :P

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    Nope. I might get some practical tips on how they fitted the nappy or what brands seem good quality, but that's all!

    Let them know? How? I didn't even know it was supposed to be attractive to girls. I thought they just wanted a pic of their nappy and/or didn't want their face in the pic so they couldn't be identified.
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    Even as a gay guy its a no for me. I think they are gross when shot like that.

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    They're totally fappable and delicious.

    So no, I don't know who does.

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    Default Not guys, not girls, no one should post that stuff. It's all rather...icky...

    That is all...

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    That's true... Girls posting crotch shots is pathetic too... It's just that the perverts are usually straight guys and they like that sort of thing... I mean... posting your crotch is like idetifying yourself as a penis or clitoris in a nappy. And you'd expect the person to be nothing but sexual impulses...
    It's also kind of like posting a masturbation picture...

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    As a neutral view on the topic..

    Crotch shots are a necessary evil of sorts. We all love the diapers and if they were supposed to be worn on feet instead of crotches, we'd be seeing foot shots.
    Can't really show a full view of a diaper without a crotch shot, obviously.

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