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    Hi Everyone!!

    OK, I want to know if I'm the only one...or are there others out there who like to have stuff put in their diaper? I guess this is purely a fetish thing. But I love to pour tons of baby oil, lotion and stuff like that into my diaper. I also love the idea of someone putting stuff in my diaper while I shaving cream and stuff and don't even get me started over itching powder!!! I also loved the Tom and Jerry cartoon :"Baby Puss" where the mean cats put a live fish in Tom's diaper...mmmm squirmy!!

    Anyway...I'm just curious about the rest of you all!!


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    I think it was that cartoon that got me into the Teen Baby arena

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    um not really but if someones did it in my sleep i would laugh and probably like it

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    I don't know how I would take it. If someone was crafty and but some mushy banana in my diaper while I was asleep, when I wake up I would probably be like, "whoa, I crapped in my pants, maybe I'm sleeping in diapers a little too much!" LoL, but then when I change and find it's just banana then I would be on the hunt for who did it. Now that I think of it, if my GF was in the right mood she may not hesitate to shove an ice cube down my diaper ... I guess I'd better watch out.

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