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Thread: Incontinence-causing surgery?

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    Default Incontinence-causing surgery?

    I heard from a fellow ABDL a while ago that there was a surgical procedure to take away bladder and/or bowel control... Not that I'd want to do something like that any time soon, but has anyone heard about it? Jus' curious...

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    I'm guessing it's a black market thing since it seems to completely go against the Hippocratic oath.

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    Well, I have heard of a few procedures that result in temporary incontinence, but nothing permanent. Perhaps this is a misunderstanding of some sort.

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    Sounds like something lame that your 'friend' read in a smut story :\

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    i'm guessing it could be a common side affect from an uncomon surgery... like jag said.

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    WTF! i dont think so... give me a link that talks about it... then ill beleive it...

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