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Thread: Poll: When Putting on a Diaper, Do You...

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    Default Poll: When Putting on a Diaper, Do You...

    When putting on your diapers, Do you always start on the same side, and what side do you like to start on??

    Me I always start with the bottom tape on the left side, The bottom being the lowest one if i stand up.

    Now reading this I just realized lol I start on the left side, It was to early in the morning for me to start this HAHA,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siege89 View Post
    Wehn putting on your daipers, Do you always start on the same side, and what side do you like to start on??

    Me I always start with the bottom tape on the right side, The bottom being the lowest one if i stand up.
    Wow I do the same! lol

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    Ha ha, and what about cloth? Since I'm usually cloth, I always start on the left. I suppose that's really strange, but I do. I'm laying down on the bed, pin left, stand up and pin right.

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    I'll usually start with the bottom left, now that I think about it. Not sure why, but I also just about always do it standing up as that seems to get me the best fit.

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    I dosen't really matter for me, although I always start with a bottom tape.

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    Bottom right, as seems to be the most popular. I am mostly right-handed, and it seems easier for me to hold things together with my left hand while unfolding the tape and getting it into place with my right.

    I do it standing up. Supine has never worked for me.

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    You should always start with the bottom tapes, and that's what I do. IN addition, I'm right handed, so I tend to push down the front of the diaper with my left hand and grab the bottom right tape first.

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    I always start top-right. Just works out better for me.

    Unless it's a 6-tape diaper... then it's middle-right.

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    I wear cloth--21-by-40 flat gauze, three to five at a time. Sitting, I always pin left first and then right. I may lie down to do any tweaking.

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    Everyone needs to figure out a diapering routine that works. I am right handed, so long ago I found I need to save the right side for the final snugging.

    I started pinning on my own gauze diapers 5 years before I ever saw an adult disposable. The advantage to pinned cloth diapers is that you can freely re-pin as often as needed. I would do my best to wriggle until the back was centered, then try to bring the front up also centered. I would pin the left side slightly tighter than felt necessary. Then I would pin the right side. As I gained experience I could tell when the left was snug enough even before the right was pinned. Sometimes as my diaper stretched I would need to re-pin the right, which for me is easier than adjusting the left pin. Of course up to the time I started pinning my own diapers Mom had diapered me so I started with some sense-memory about how the left side should feel. Since back then I only wore diapers for bed I concentrated on learning to pin while on my back in bed.

    Five years later I knew I was moving to a university dorm. Mom and I went to a medical supply store to buy me Attends, which had two tapes per side. The nice customer support lady by phone explained most people found it easier to start with the lower tape on the side opposite their dominant hand. She also suggested I start off learning to put on my Attends while standing, using a wall to hold the back in place. She said it was not vital the diaper be symmetrical, nor did the lower tapes need to be overly snug. What I found was that as soon as I had placed the right lower tape the Attends would stay in place, so I could be more careful placing the left top tape. That was 1981 so the factory tapes could only be placed once. For me always the final tape was top right. I also always had a roll of 3/4" adhesive tape with me in case I later needed to snug one of the tapes.

    With my pinned gauze diapers I always knew my vinyl panties would make up for minor un-snug pinning. Once I started to wear Attends I learned to cover them with snug knit cotton panties to help hold them in place, making up for a less than perfect taping job.

    Things are easier with Velcro-like tabs and three tapes per side. With such diapers I start with mid left, then mid right. Neither needs to be exact. Then lower left followed by lower right. Next top left and finally top right.

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