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Thread: Spring is ahead what are you going to be doing?

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    Cool Spring is ahead what are you going to be doing?

    Like the Question says, what are you going to be doing for the spring?

    Me I'm going to go out more and chill in nature every weekend at my cabin since the roads just opened up because of avalanche danger and get my Quad out and have fun its starting to warm up here.

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    Oh, this thread is getting me excited for spring...I'm so sick of this "cold enough to give you frostbite" weather

    I'm going to bike around the city (I think I'll try and ride to work rather than drive as much as possible)

    - go to the lake as many weekends as possible (this is cottage country, most people I know have parents with cabins, and so do my parents)

    - enjoy those warm thundershowers when you lay in bed with the window open and feel all comfy that you're inside

    - finish alot of projects I've been putting off (some car, some just more fun to work on outside)

    - the lake, pools, everywhere I can. I love the water...

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    I'm evil

    I absolutely despise sunny/nice days.

    I love stormy, dark, cloudy, dreary, nasty days.

    Muh haha?

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    I like your thoughts MM3, I also like the stormy days in spring because i go out and play in the mud with my friends and the 4x4 club.

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    Getting older!

    My birthday's next Wednesday. Hooray me!

    Also, I look forward to the last quarter of school in my Sophomore year and also the prospect of getting a job this summer. During spring, I think I'll probably go out more since the weather will be niceer. In Arizona, spring is more like summer and in summer it's an oven. I liek oven!

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    What i normally do stay on my comp and watch tv. Hockey will be over by then.

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    +2 for Hockey fan.

    Go Rangers.

    They beat the Islanders last night . Guess who has season tickets? ^_^

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    I wish I could lie in the grass in a nearby hill and stop thinking about anything... Stop worrying about the future... But no, I live in the city, and worst of all, I'm human.

    So I guess I'm going to start eating lunch again during school, outside, that is.
    Then I'm probably gonna get some sun once in a while if I feel like it and I'm bored of the computer.

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    What are you going to be doing?
    Crank up the AC and continue as normal?

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    Well we have spring break this week! It was the last day of school yesterday. I am not going anywhere, just hanging out with friends. I did buy a bike though, hoping the snow lets up a little. Sunday I have VIP tickets to one of the clubs, so a whole bunch of my friends and I are going there, which is awesome, because it's been forever! But that's about it, nothing fancy.

    As for the actual season, I don't really know! I'm too busy to think about leisure time at this point, lol!

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