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Thread: Okay...I hate this guy.

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    Default Okay...I hate this guy.

    'Diaper boy' arrested again

    By Lindsay Whitehurst

    The Salt Lake Tribune
    Updated: 05/16/2009 09:46:36 PM MDT

    A sex offender known as "diaper boy" has been arrested in White City after he again showed a diaper he was wearing to children, police said.

    Despite a long history of showing the diaper to children, recent attempts to charge him criminally have been frustrated because he does not expose his genitals.

    The 31-year-old man was arrested Thursday after he showed his diaper and passed out pictures of adults and children wearing diapers from a Web site, said Salt Lake County sheriff's spokesman Don Hutson. Though the site is not pornographic, some of the shots are provocative, Hutson said.

    The man has been arrested and booked about five times in locations around the Salt Lake City area, Hutson said. Court records show he was charged in 2008 with 11 counts of misdemeanor lewdness involving a child in Holladay, but those charges were later dismissed. He did register as a sex offender after pleading guilty to similar charges in 1999 and 2000, however.

    He is now being held at the Salt Lake County jail, and possible new charges will be screened by the Salt Lake County Attorney's Office, Hutson said.

    'Diaper boy' arrested again - Salt Lake Tribune

    Showing his diaper to children? What the hell? Seriously.

    Oh wait! An update!

    Charges filed against man police call 'Diaper Boy'

    By Pat Reavy

    Deseret News
    Published: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 10:25 p.m. MDT

    The man known as "Diaper Boy" by law enforcers was once again charged in 3rd District Court on Wednesday.

    This time, prosecutors say the charges against Barton Bagnes are more serious than the last ones that were eventually dismissed.

    Bagnes, 31, was charged Wednesday with sexual exploitation of a minor, two counts of dealing in harmful materials to a minor and two counts of lewdness by a sex offender involving a child.

    The 5-foot-3, 100-pound Bagnes is nicknamed "Diaper Boy" by police because of his pattern of seeking out small children and showing off a diaper he wears by taping it to his body.

    The registered sex offender has been convicted of two misdemeanor counts of lewdness involving a child, according to court records in 1999. One of those counts was amended from a felony to a misdemeanor as part of a plea bargain, court records show. In 2000, he again pleaded guilty to misdemeanor lewdness involving a child, according to court records.

    But since then, additional charges filed against him have been dropped because the actions didn't quite meet the lewdness statute.

    Last year, Bagnes was charged with 11 misdemeanor counts of lewdness involving a child for a 2007 incident. That same year, in August, he was charged with three additional felony counts of lewdness involving a child in a separate incident. All charges were eventually dismissed.

    The new charges, however, are more serious, said prosecutor Alicia Cook. "The behavior was more serious," she said.

    In the latest incident, police say Bagnes approached two 8-year-old children on May 8 near 10300 South and 800 East. The man pulled his pants down to his thighs and pulled his shirt up, revealing a child's diaper that had an image of the "Sesame Street" television-show character Elmo on the front, according to court documents.

    "(The children) stated that it was much too small for him, and he had it taped to his body," the court document stated.

    In the past, Bagnes had only slightly pulled his pants down, Cook said.

    In addition to pulling down his pants, the man in the latest case handed out fliers advertising a Web site that included numerous pictures of children, from toddlers to prepubescent teens, all wearing diapers, some in provocative poses, according to court documents.

    The man told the children not to tell their parents about the incident, according to court documents. The children, however, reported what happened, stating, "the man was 'gross' and that they were afraid of him," court documents state.

    On May 13, the children spotted the man again in their neighborhood, told their parents, and police were called. When Bagnes was arrested, deputies found him in possession of three infant diapers, a pacifier and tape.


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    All I can say That's just not right...and terrible. Yeah, he deserves the charges. That's disgusting...

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    No diapers in prison, asshole. That's all I can say about this.

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    Anyone think he's a pedophile? He is showing his diapers to kids only and that tells me something.

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    Hey may not be a pedophile, but he definitely has an unhealthy interest in children. I don't know what the fantasy is he's trying to fulfill, but hopefully it never escalates beyond this awful stupidity.

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    I'm sorry but exposing your diapers to kids only seems pedophilelish. Diapers are a fetish and showing them to children? That seems like a sexual desire in them for his diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    I'm sorry but exposing your diapers to kids only seems pedophilelish. Diapers are a fetish and showing them to children? That seems like a sexual desire in them for his diapers.
    I agree, he definitely sounds like a pedophile to me.
    He's going to have a hard time in jail. Don't pedophiles get the worst treatment from other inmates? >.>

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    Yeah, the other inmates tend to show pedophiles what it's like to be helpless and without a choice. I support that.

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