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Thread: Recommend some less known or really liked anime

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    Default Recommend some less known or really liked anime

    Ok, so it's late and I'm on an anime kick after responding to that last thread. I had a thought. I like finding out about series and I like telling others about series I liked too. So I figured, what the heck, why not create a post about it. It'd be good if people know about some less known series that they liked. Either that or something really really good

    If this is too much, feel free to remove it. May have been done before (I found a similar thread, but it was locked), so sorry if I was overzealous in the post. I'm going to link to scenes/openings I found on YT. I figure there seems to be enough of an interest in anime on this forum for something like this. Anyway, I warn you, I’m a big fan of the cute, funny, and crazy stuff, so beware with some of these, heh.

    For your quick reference 1-7 are the cute/crazy/funny, 8 will make you cry rivers, 9 is nice and relaxing, 10 has shinigami and monsters, and 11 is a magical girl show, but in a different category than cute/funny. Since this will be long, maybe more later. For now:

    1) Potemayo!!!!!!!!!!!: All of you must watch this right now. I’m serious. Every time I ask, no one has heard of this series, but I assure you, it’s cute and absolutely hilarious! The one with the scythe (Guchuko) is the best thing ever.

    Opening: YouTube - Potemayo OP - High Quality Video/Audio + Subtitles

    For anyone who’s seen Cardcaptor Sakura, doesn’t Sunao (the kid with the glasses) look a bit like Clow’s reincarnation Eriol? Anyway, I’m only doing this with this anime since it’s awesome, but some scenes:
    Snowball fight scene (wait until someone hits the tall, brown haired girl. Guchuko thinks she’s being attacked :P)

    YouTube - Snowball Fight

    Guchuko scenes from the 1st 3 eps. Not subbed, but it’s not too hard to figure out what’s going on (the dead animals are Guchuko’s way of thanking people). Also shows why she likes the tall girl :P

    YouTube - Potemayo - Guchuko only 1 (1-3 episodes)

    Yes, the small kid gets severely injured on a regular basis, heh. But yes, it’s great ☺

    2) Kyouran Kazoku Nikki (diary of a crazed family): One of my favorite crazy animes. Kyoka-sama is the best :3 People (and animals, biological weapons, etc.) found to have the genes of a god who spoke of their descendant destroying the world are put together in a family in order to figure out which one is the true descendant. Craziness ensues.

    Opening: YouTube - Ky?ran Kazoku Nikki OP [720p HD]

    3) Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight: Focuses on a school in the future where Japan is facing declining birth rates and students getting jobs instead of going to high school, creating a bad atmosphere in many schools and forcing many to close completely. The ridiculously energetic main character shows up at the focus school, becomes student council president, and things start to happen. Very happy, upbeat show.

    Opening here:
    YouTube - Manabi Straight Opening

    4) Hidamari Sketch: Comedy series set at a school known for its art program. Follows 4 girls. Think Azumanga Daioh (it was originally a four panel manga like AD), similar stuff.

    Opening: YouTube - ???????? OP(HD)

    Second season (x365):
    YouTube - ????????×365 OP(HD)

    5) Nanxdeadxiro Drops: More magical girl greatness. Just makes you feel good. Sugary sweet, cute, CCS-like in the innocent and pure characters. Just makes you happy. Avoid if you can’t stand cute stuff (shame on you!).

    Opening: YouTube - Nanxdeadxiro Drops Opening HD[2007](1280x720:&fmt=22)

    6) Shugo Chara!: Ok, so this one is great! If you like magical-ish girl animes that is, heh. Not for everyone and much more childish but I love it! Girl's wish to change creates three eggs that are like possible ways that she could be. Finds others with these character eggs. Fixes eggs that go bad using powers :P Very long series, up in the 80s now, but after ep 51, name changes to Shugo Chara Doki! You can find it on Crunchyroll, since they have a streaming contract with the company in japan. This series has a catboy, which is a bit different :P

    1st opening here: YouTube - Shugo Chara! Opening 1 "Kokoro No Tamago" (HQ)

    2nd op here:
    YouTube - Shugo chara op2

    7) Zero no Tsukaima (Familiar of Zero): Set in another universe at a magic school, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière is called Louise the Zero since every spell she tries to cast blows up instead. So when it comes time to summon a familiar, again things go weird and she summons a human boy from Earth. Louise is your typical tsundere character and a hilarious and quite good series ensues. Can’t find a good op of the first season to post, so here’s the op to the second season:

    YouTube - Zero No Tsukaima II op

    8) The endless stream of tears Key trilogy of heartache! (AKA: Kanon, Clannad, and Air): If you like to cry, watch these. I wouldn’t recommend doing all three back to back…like I did. I think I was curled up in a ball sobbing after seeing these. To this day, just seeing bits of certain scenes will make me tear up. But yes, they are sad. Really good stories. HIGHLY recommended, if you can stand to have your heart torn out. Also, Fuko is the best. That is all.

    Kanon opening: YouTube - Kanon OP [HD]

    Clannad op: YouTube - [HD 16:9]CLANNAD -????- ???????OP?

    Air op: YouTube - AIR - OP HD [subbed]

    Edit: Ah! I just found this. One of the not sad scenes in Clannad. This part is great. Okazaki likes to pick on poor Fuko. While she's spacing out, he tries to trick her into thinking he changed:

    9) Aria: I have no idea how many people have seen this, but this slice of life series just makes you so mellow and happy. Very feel good series about a planet that is mostly water and modeled after the city of Venice. Girl (Akari) from Manhome (Earth) goes there to learn to become an Undine (gondolier). Really good to just relax to. Bad if you can’t stand slow series with no huge overarching plot.

    Opening to the first ep:
    YouTube - ARIA The ANIMATION ?01? OP

    10) Soul Eater: Ok, this one’s a bit different than the others I was posting and I predict this will be big in the US once it hits here, since it seems like that type of series. Anyway, it’s set in the Shinigami tech school and it revolves around pairs of a weapon meister and their weapon. In order to make their weapon a “death scythe” fit for a Shinigami, they must collect 99 evil human souls and 1 witch. Fighting with monsters ensues. Anyway, really cool opening, some neat animation:

    Opening: YouTube - Soul Eater OP 1 HD

    11) Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Very good magical girl series. More fighting/military stuff and less cute in this one than the rest. As suchly (I don’t think there are any real spoilers here, but it does show two characters fighting and it’s in the middle of the second season, but just for fair warning I guess):

    YouTube - Fate vs Signum

    It involves a normal girl (don’t they all) happening across a wounded ferret-thing carrying a jewel of some kind. Ferret-thing is a boy from another world and jewel is a magical device. She decides to help the boy look for “lost logia” dangerous magical items and uses the jewel to fight, happening to posses magical powers herself. 2nd season (A’s) is the best.
    First two seasons are available in the US, but season 3 (StrikerS) has not been licensed yet. StrikerS fast forwards 7 years and the main characters are older in that one, plus new ones are introduced. Focuses a lot more on the military aspect.

    I’m not going to post the openings to these (people familiar with some magical girl anime probably know why), so you’ll have to find them yourself if you are interested (unless people don’t care, I dunno. I’m used to all of the stuff in anime, so I’m not sure what other people think).

    -Others that are more well known, so no descriptions, but really good:

    YouTube - Toradora! OP HD

    Shakugan no Shana:
    YouTube - | Shakugan no Shana 1st OP | Hishoku no Sora | HD Quality | Watch Description |

    K-On! (currently a big craze, so I figure a lot of people know about it) both op and ed since they are great ^^:
    Op: YouTube - ?????[K-ON!] OP - {HD}
    Ed: YouTube - K-ON! ED [HD]

    Sorry if I overdid it. In case you haven't noticed, I like to talk about this stuff.
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    I don't follow anime, so let me know if this comes too far out of left field to fit here, but ...

    There's a movie called Paprika. I remember it being fascinating in the same way that The Science of Sleep was, and I've rented it just last night to watch again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h3g3l View Post
    I don't follow anime, so let me know if this comes too far out of left field to fit here, but ...

    There's a movie called Paprika. I remember it being fascinating in the same way that The Science of Sleep was, and I've rented it just last night to watch again.
    Not at all. Paprika was wonderful and well done, I'd recommend it. Diving into dreams can do that Good suggestion

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    Big O, its kind of old i think, but i see it on the TV from time to time

    And FLCL, A short 6 eps. But funny as hell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siege89 View Post
    Big O, its kind of old i think, but i see it on the TV from time to time

    And FLCL, A short 6 eps. But funny as hell
    FLCL is great Another crazy one

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    Eureka 7 would I recommend, its really good! For those who likes Neon Genesis Evangelion(from the same creator of FLCL I think!) will love this serie. there is coming out now a movie wich is I think like a recap of the anime serie but they have changed somethings like villains. Its a Romantic Sci-fi mecha serie. Now Im not usually into a mecha(infact its one of the only anime types of series that I want to avoid!) but this one will really get you hooked and watch it ep after ep till you have seen it all!

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    Black Blood Brothers is really good. It's only about 12 eps but it is really good. It's kind of a weird combo of light happy anime and dark anime but it works really well. It's worth watching it just because Kotaro (my avie) is so cute.

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    Now and Then, Here and There. it's about 14 episodes long and is pretty dark and bleak at times.

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    Oruban Ebichu (Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster)

    Is one of the funniest animes I've ever watched. It's about a housekeeping hamster that wlll do anything for it's master but is always neglected, beaten and yelled at. I know, it sound terrible and depressing, but it's hilarious. Be warned of blood and adult themes though.

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    I have to second Potemayo, that was #1 on MyxiNyxi's list. I watched a little on YT and then found and downloaded the entire series. It's really quirky, and cute, and funny! I'm not a huge anime fan, but I liked it.

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