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Thread: got hypnotized today

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    Default got hypnotized today

    Craziest feeling ever. Seriously, you havn't done anything till you've been hypnotized.

    Let me explain. We had a hypnotist come in to our school today. He picked 15 random people out of the crowd, i was one of them. Seriously, it was awesome, but nothing like i expected. Going into a trance was the most unreal thing I've ever felt, then I did a bunch of stuff I would never have done, like acting as a human washing machine, a fish, Mr Universe. Then he did the whole eyes stuck closed thing, and hands stuck together thing. And I really could not open my eyes or unstick my hands. But I still knew I could open them and walk off the stage any time I wanted. I just didn't feel like it.

    Then, just before he sent us all back to our seats, he put it in our heads that we would not remember any of this till we left through the auditorium, but it would all come back then. And as soon as I walked through those doors, sure enough, it all came back.

    Overall awesome day and great show, even though I didn't get to see any of it because my eyes were closed for most of it. If you ever get the chance to be hypnotized, take it. One of my friends was considering volunteering, but wimped out and now he regrets it.

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    Subconscious stuff is really cool :3 I used to dabble in a bit of hypnotism, but not like getting someone to do stuff they wouldn't normally do, but to get information

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    That's the thing. You know you can break it anytime you want to, you just don't feel like it. If you go further into it, please remember your "red flags", and don't ignore them under any circumstance.

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    All that really happens is you don't care whats really going on or what your doing since your so relaxed, unless your life is in imminent danger in which case you shouldn't really be relaxed. Your still fully in control of yourself at any given time.

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    There's a guy I want to see wear diapers, and use them.

    Could I . . .

    And then he wouldn't . . . .

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    sorry cant, its a law some where, it state that if anyone mess with Siege89 minds the shall be killed. Idk y thought i think its cause they did government testing on me.

    haha sounds like fun thought

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    Its cool that you can be hypnotized. I have tried, but I guess I just don't believe enough or something. I'm a very cynical person so I have a hard time getting into stuff like this. I just can't let my guard down enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyjeff View Post
    Its cool that you can be hypnotized. I have tried, but I guess I just don't believe enough or something. I'm a very cynical person so I have a hard time getting into stuff like this. I just can't let my guard down enough.
    yeah, you definatly have to want to get hypnotized in order for it to work. he stated that at the beginning of the show.

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    Hmm...yes it is interesting at that. Someone I know actually did it to me once, although it took a few times. It can actually take some thought on the part of the person being hypnotized. Many people stay fully aware during trance, but if you don't know that beforehand, you might be thinking that it isn't working, which ruins it. You can't try and make yourself feel the way the hypnotist is suggesting, you have to just let it happen. Don't do anything, which is really hard to do. You also have to want it to happen and/or let yourself be placed completely in their hands.

    Any reservations on your part will ruin it. If you have a really protective subconscious, you might have to work harder or go through it more times before it starts to work. People also have different levels to which they can be hypnotized. Some people can truly let go and be more open to the suggestions, and some people can't be (like if the person tells you to forget your name and now your name is "kitty", some people might not actually be able to recall their true name, and some will know it's there, they just won't care enough to try and pull it to the front of their mind and say it, if that makes sense. If the later really wanted to, they could break the suggestion much more easily than the former).

    Basically, it all has to do with your subconscious letting go of the instinct to protect itself. The person I let play with me had to try it a few times and tell me about all of the above things before it started to work on me. At the end, she got to the point where I couldn't remember my name (yes, the kitty thing) and couldn't move my legs when she told me I couldn't. She told me I was actually quite receptive based on my responses to it, it just took a bit of work. Needless, you have to have complete trust in the person doing it, if you don't you will be too much on guard and trying to protect yourself, even if you aren't aware of it. And if you have doubts it won't work, it won't. Hypnosis is quite different than what most people think.

    That's all I know. My two cents

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    I'd like to be hypnotized but due to the way my form of ADHD works, it's unlikely to EVER work on me. My mind functions on a plane where I -HAVE- to think about things in multiple ways and multiple things at the same time, otherwise I get violent urges or otherwise unsavory compulsions.

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