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Thread: Scarification

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    Exclamation Scarification

    Scarab Body Arts - Syracuse, NY- (Scarab Body Arts - Syracuse, NY) Scarification

    if anyone has had this done this let me know this is a method of body modification i have seen and been intrested in for years any input is appriciated thanks

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    That looks incredibly painful...

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    Wow that great An they look so kool. I would alsmot like to have that over a tatoo

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    Personally, something just doesn't seem quite right about that. Ouch! But each to their own...I guess.

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    That does look pretty cool! I wouldn't get that done, myself. But if you're interested, it looks like a pretty cool idea! Research it first though... which it seems you are doing... so good for you! :p

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    I have enough scars from my acccident, my left leg is a patchwork of skin grafts, and my back has a long scar from where they removed a peice of the muscle to use on the front of my leg, because there was nothing left there to use.

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    *squirms in seat* No No No No No way. Too painful I could never do that I couldn't even stand a piercing.

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