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Thread: Driver issue Windows Vista

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    Default Driver issue Windows Vista

    I just installed Windows Vista HP on a desktop I have and I am having troubles getting the sound to work.

    Its a Yamaha Sound Card

    model#- smk66118

    I tried the xp driver but it wont work.

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    that's cause it's an xp driver... not a vista driver... google it.

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    Then reinstall xp... vista is undoubtedly the biggest disappointment since the crucifixion.

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    I'm not sure if this is compatible with Vista... I ran a pretty extensive search and i couldn't find much of anything. I recommend that you either: a.) see if Vista has a driver upgrade feature somewhere, b.) contact the manufacturer for info, c.) to get a new sound driver, one that is compatible with Vista. Fry's will hook you up. Or d.) use a program like DriverDetective that can search for a driver for you.

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