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Thread: Why're people so mean to groups they don't understand?

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    Default Why're people so mean to groups they don't understand?

    ( Move this or delete it I'd don't care)

    So my dad found a news artical about yes, you guys guessed it furries. And the first thing he said was weird and some other rude comments. He then asked me what I thought about them. And I said I couldn't care less. Then I tried reasoning with him with comparisons to the groups I am a part of ( No I didn't mention I was a TB/DL). He then went on to say that he thought that I was weird and some other rude stuff too. He then asked me if ANYTHING made me feel a little predjudice? I then said no. I went on to say, "people who prejudge those are ignorant and know little to NONE about the community that they're apart of. That's why you see a LOT of hate to the Gay community and the Otaku community."

    My question is why? Why are people like this? I want to hear your opinions.

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    Because their souls are full of doo-doo...

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    Hehe. Human nature sucks, that's why. It is human nature to fear what you don't understand. Unfortunately, for many people this instinct doesn't always go away when you get older. People are products of the instinct to protect themselves, form social groups, and also the environment in which they were raised and what they were exposed to. Not that you can't later break free of these things, but a lot of people simple do not. People like to be in packs and hate to stand alone, so they will go by what the majority or society at large says is "normal" and spare themselves the pain of thinking it through on their own or standing outside of the warmth and safety of the masses.

    Furries and homosexuality are seen as abnormal and against societal views (More so furries at this point, since homosexuality is getting a lot more visibility now...too bad the *forgive me* idiots are still loud and annoying). Thus, people are afraid of them on some level. Then they seek others to be afraid with and form mobs to hate on these people to assuage their fear and/or uncomfortable feelings rather than try to understand a different view than their own. People will even hate themselves because of this, such as when an Otaku is ashamed of her hobby or a gay, lesbian, or bi person thinks they are messed up and sick and try to force themselves to do something they hate, or even end up killing themselves.

    Making fun of or hating others, as bad as this sounds, can make people feel powerful and better about themselves. You'd think that would go away after high-school, but no, it just takes on a "more mature" and nastier/more subtle form.

    You're right, most of this is ignorance. The problem comes when people refuse to fix their ignorance. Some people are so set in what they believe that nothing will change their mind. Then they move from being ignorant (which sometimes is understandable), to being idiots (whom I have no sympathy for).

    Nyaaa! Talking about this makes me want to walk around in cosplay, holding my figures, kissing another girl, with cat ears and a tail and telling people to eat it.

    *deep breath* Okay, I'm done now.

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    ill tell you why because people are uptight morons with closed minds and if something irratates them in the least everyone has to know a second later so that they think they can be popular

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    An instinctive urge to make something you don't understand beneath you; a subconscious action spawned out of fear of the unknown. I think we all have it at some point.

    Why do you think the odd/weird kids at school are generally the one's who get bullied.

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    Because they are judgmental and they don't understand. Plus they are soooooo ignorant, they don't want to listen.

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    Ignorance Breeds Contempt
    this famous quote couldn't be truer. My family (thankfully) are not racist in any way, nor do they care much for who's gay/straight. For which I am lucky, because it means I have grown up to be open-minded and never to pre-judge anyone.

    UNFORTUNATELY not everyone is so lucky. Some people believe that Black people are bad" for no good reason other than what they see on TV just happens to be Black people committing crimes. - Mainly because that's what sells, if a white guy robs a place, racists go,

    Oh but only a few white people will do that kind of thing
    when everyone knows its actually about equal, if not more white people who commit crimes. (at least in London)

    basically those who are ignorant - fear - therefore, hate.

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