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Thread: best diapers under $20?

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    Default best diapers under $20?

    Yeah, looking for a decent diaper under $20,
    has anyone used
    these and if you have, please compare the leakiness to goodnites.

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    It's just a cheap knock-off of the depends adjustable undies... Much more absorbent since goodnites are originally intended for kits who wet the bed a little >.> or a lot. Whatever. Check out bambinos if youre really lookin for some good padding. I think you can get a pack of 24 for like $28 or something like that, and they have free (not to mention DISCREET) shipping. Other places, your not going to find awesome padding in walgreens, found that out a long time ago.
    However, the equaline fitted brief worked wonders for me. Incredibly absorbent. Easy on the wallet. Pick some up at albertsons. Problem is, the plastic backing doesn't breathe at all >.>

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    First rule... get real tape-on diapers, not pullups.

    Second... it really depends on if you can order from the internet or not... but if you are only looking for a single pack you may want to check local medical supply stores in your area. Use the phone book, it will help.

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    Sorry for not posting in a super long time, but im going to attempt to be a bit more active lol.

    Anyway normally, unless you like pullups, i usually tell people to stay away from them. I know for me, when i tried the depends ones, they were horrible. There were really no leak guards and they just fit loose beyond all belief. Also in general i avoid store brand diapers nearly all together, unless im desperate. Same rule goes for most of the name brands that they sell in the stores around me. One used to sell attends but they changed and i cant stand them any more.
    I used to get dry 24/7's but there now back up to 100$ a case so for around 20$ is a stretch when you add shipping. Abri x+ is about 20$ before shipping, factors about the same with a case i think. Secure x+ is a bit more than 20 as well.
    Seems like in that price range super quality is within stretching to reach distance, but depending on where you live you might have something better in the stores around here. Pick of the drugstore for me would probably be depends max protection... just with a couple of boosters. Online would be either dry 24/7's or abenas. My ideal however would be a bambino... but i cant make up an excuse to have them lol.

    Hope that helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbdl58860 View Post
    My ideal however would be a bambino... but i cant make up an excuse to have them lol.
    Who needs an excuse!?!?

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    Walgreens does have a generic to goodnites.

    Sleep Pants for Boys Jumbo | Walgreens | Walgreens

    If you have ever tries Loves SleepDry's, they are similar.

    As far as buying diapers for under $20 a case, I have had very good luck with ebay. Adult small, and youth diapers tend to sell on ebay for far less than medium/large/xlg since there is less demand for them. I have purchased cases (around 96 diapers) $15 including shipping!

    Good luck

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    CVS brand Day/Night briefs are great to me, they are reasonably absorbant and dirt cheap. They are my favorite diapers I have tried yet.

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    I went with the Wal Mart Assurance brand for a while. It was..."okay," I guess.

    Apparently, from what I've read here, they've redesigned them with a fabric cover. I wouldn't like them with all.

    So in other words, I'm no help at all, given that new information.

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    Don't get pullups- they're never tight enough. Real diapers fit best. What I did was buy a cheap pair of plastic (or w/e fabric) pants to put over my cheapass diapers, which helps a whole lot with leakage. Combine a depends type diaper and use a goodnite as an insert with the plastic pants over it, and you've got yourself a pretty good diaper, IMHO. Well, for cheap, at least.

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