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Thread: I think I pissed off my local garbage men.

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    Cool I think I pissed off my local garbage men.

    Last night, I left out two full trash bags of diapers in the garbage cans. (I know, scary.) This morning, when I checked them out to see if everything went fine, the trash cans were everywhere! One of them lay on the ground 5 feet away, while the other remained standing. One of the lids was on the bird bath. The other lid lay on the ground a couple yards away.

    Freaky trash men anyone?

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    Thankfully our trash is picked up by a robotic truck. But yeah, we average two bags full of diapers each week... it doesn't smell that wonderful either.

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    lol you got him pissed off or you happened to have a dustbuster . we have machines for big donpsters and for cans.... hahahaha i can't beleve it that is so funny.

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    By any chance was there a storm? Cans and lids end up blown around all over the place during storms.

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    My experience with garbagemen is that they really don't seem to care about the cans and will toss them anywhere they happen to land. If they happen to have the "company-owned" containers where you live, they are a little more careful about those. I have watched them literally throw mine back up into the drive after emptying them (and the neighbors, too, so as to prove I was not being singled out.) Don't get me wrong - garbagemen have a really tough and dirty job, and I respect the fact that they are willing to do it!

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    Sounds like one hell of a raccoon problem ya got there XD

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    I'm a firm believer of tipping people like your garbage dudes, mailman, etc...

    I gave the trash dudes a $15 book of coupons to the local coffee shop around xmas, and I'm the only one on the street that can put yard waste in my cans this spring. Same with my mailman (gave him a bottle of wine... they can't accept cash), and instead of tossing any packages on the curb, he rings the bell, and/or leaves any package on the back porch, out of sight.

    $25 well spent for a year... Makes them happy, and you get a little better service as a result.

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    Over here, the cans belong to the garbage company. If they destroy them, it's their own money. However, they're a bit too big to be thrown around randomly.

    On another note: How the heck did you collect two big heavy bags of wet diapers?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    On another note: How the heck did you collect two big heavy bags of wet diapers?

    he obviously goes threw a fair few of diaper

    on the subject of garbage, we have green garbage bins that get picked by a big truck machine thing that a guy drives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazza View Post
    he obviously goes threw a fair few of diaper
    Well, yes, but he lives with his parents and maybe siblings, which makes it hard to (1) amass that many diapers inside the house and (2) lugging them outside into the trash can and (3) filling up lots of space inside the trash can, all without raising suspicion.


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