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Thread: Concert?

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    Default Concert?

    IDK what to do here...I want to go see the Fray's concert and I cna get a ticket really cheap, but I don't want to go alone. I don't want to feelin like a looser going by my self. But I would really like to see them in concert.

    IDK what to do... I also have to work the next day and that is discouraging me from going as well. I was thinking of asking my frined and his girlfriend if they wanted to go, but I know all they'll do is play kissy face all night and personally I HATE HATE HATE that! So I am at a loss here. What should I do?

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    If you get tickets for the floor, they're cheaper, more fun, and you would lose any of your friends anyway... Is there a floor at The Fray concerts?

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    Go, Beavis.

    There are not always going to be times when your friends (or girlfriend... or wife) will share your interest.

    Go. Enjoy. Take pictures. Share.

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    I've been to tons and tons of concerts alone. Just go! I'm not sure about The Fray fans, but people are usually nice at the ones I go to and strike up a conversation.

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    Just go and have a good time...I went to the Hilary Duff concert by myself a couple of years ago and I had a great time...of course I came prepared for the concert...

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    You won't look like an idiot going alone. Seriously, you're going to see the band, not hang out with a friend!

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    Invite your friend and his girlfriend, and then ignore them if they get kissy-kissy. That way it's like you've gone alone, without the hassle of going alone.

    Going by yourself shouldn't be a big deal, if you want to go then go. Screw whatever anybody else says. It's not like anybody would say anything anyway.

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