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Thread: Newbie from dead-middle-nowhere Ontario

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    Default Newbie from dead-middle-nowhere Ontario

    I'm new obviously, and this is the first site ive ever registered on having to do with ABDL. Hafta say, a quick story...I'l admit I've been into diapers since i was a kid (really, ever since i was taken OUT of them) tho only in the last few years (begining of high-school??) ever really acted on it and started using them. Uhm another interesting thing that ive noticed about this site, and most ABDL forums/blogs/etc. is that almost all of us are into Furries and anime
    im glad to be here :P

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    haha its all good, either way, from looking around, seems like a nice online community :P

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    It is! Get involved, post often, use the chat and get to know people! I'm sure you'll love it here

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    Welcome to ADISC, fellow canuk. i'm also from the middle of nowhere ontario. my town is the last significant outpost of civilization before the great canadian wilderness.

    and i'm also not into furries or anime at all.

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    dooood wonder if thats my town >_>
    jus a hint "gateway to the north" is an archway in my city

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    I can empathize with being another resident of nowhere Ontario. Though I guess my lakehead bay is a bit better then your particular bay, but I know what it feels like. Welcome to adisc.

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    Glad to have you aboard. I am not into anime though have tried to educate myself a bit, Gundam Wing, the usual Pokemom/Digimon, Dirty Pair, Cowboy Bebop, and a couple of others, 1 ep each.

    I am definitely into furries and their culture though am not a furry as such, except for my IRC chat persona.

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    I be furry and love anime Plus my boyfriend lives in Nova Scotia! Yay for canadian padders! n.n

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