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Thread: Question about selling diapers

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    Default Question about selling diapers

    I think I went on too much of a binge cycle a few months ago and bought more diapers that I can handle for a long while. I'm not exactly in a purge cycle, but I doubt I can use all the diapers (and especially underpads) I have.

    I was thinking of ebaying them, but I weighed the diapers and underpads that I plan to sell and it was about 50 pounds (about $30 to ship, plus I have to walk to the post office). I doubt I'll get much for them (since it's mostly underpads), so I don't think it would be worth the effort. So, what should I do?

    Also, what I plan to sell are: one pack of large Dry 24/7, three packs of Secure Plus, one mega bag of girls' Goodnites, appropriately 30 Abri-Let boosters and 120 24"x36" Secure Underpads

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    That's the real problem with selling diapers... they're heavy!

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    If you don't need the money, why bother?

    You'll work your way through them in time. And when you go to replace them, I'd bet that the price will have risen.

    (You did buy one hell of a lot of underpads . . . . )

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    Wow! Thats a ton of weight for some diapers! Jeez, 30 dollars just to send diapers though the mail.

    I would hang onto them like Soren said, that way you get enjoyment out of them and dont have to pay 30 dollars to ship them.

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    If youre the trusting type you might be able to sell to some local DLs.

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    If not for the shipping, I think you'd have no trouble finding others interested in acquiring them. Or if you're not wanting to get much money back, you might just have the buyer just cover your shipping cost for them. I'm sure you'd find buyers that way.

    Or you could just remind yourself that wearing diapers is a tough job, but someone has to do it. And what a fun job it is, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lantis View Post
    So, what should I do?
    Keep them!

    I know you said the Dry 24/7s were big on you, but you never know when the day will come when you want to wear a diaper, and treat yourself to a big one... Perforate one, and wear it under a second, for a HUGE diaper, just for fun. For added effect, throw in an Abrilet.

    The Secures are a great diaper... Hang onto them, you'll use 'em.

    The Abrilets and bedpads will come in handy, eventually. Abrilets will make even a Depends a worthy diaper, and at some point I'm sure you'll have some of them (or some other cheap diaper) as your only choice. Plus, as I said before, they make for mega-insane abosorbtion capability with a good diaper. The bedpads can be used for their obvious function, but I've also used them under the car for catching drips from oil changes, and as a catbox liner (grab the 4 corners and toss in a bag... no crap or litter anywhere, and no having to wash out the box) before.

    You won't make your money back on ebay or anything. The retailers online buy by the container load (thousands of diapers) at a time, or contract their product/shipping out, and get a much better price... Unless you want to sell diapers 1-2 at a time on Ebay.

    If something is truly nothing that you'll ever need (and I think you'll use the Dry 24/7s and Secures... The bedpads are an interesting purchase though), find someone who needs/wants them, and pass the gift on.

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    make a Diaper Fort or use them as pool FLoaties

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    compared to some of us I don't think that you are that loaded on diapers. If you try and sell them on e-bay you probably won't get what you paid for them. (At least for me I try get cases for what packs might cost in retail stores.) Plus think of all the time you will spend boxing them up and shipping them.
    The underpads can be used to put over your diapers incase they start to leak but you are not ready to change out of them. (ex: I have done this at times when I have another hour or so before I have to shower and go to work. My diaper is getting close to full and or I have some wetness excaping around the leg gathers.)
    I would hold onto the girls goodnites if they are the boxer kind. (I bought the last 5 packs at my store for around $3.00 and consider them an investment. I also haveat least 1 of each of the boys printed styles unopened for investment reasons.)

    So unless you bought to resell in the first place I wouldn't bother trying to sell on ebay. If you really need to unload some of your stash try selling to a local member.

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