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Thread: goodnites boxers vs briefs

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    Default goodnites boxers vs briefs

    my review though i have not tried boxer style

    they are thin but hold 1-2 wettings
    flooding leaks a little.
    the waist/legbands are alot stronger than underjams and can last through alot of movment.
    cool designs

    no designs.
    sample fabric is really soft in stores
    the diaper section is plastic coated
    more like descretion i guess you coould say.

    Does anybody else want to share reviews/ facts.

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    Hmm well I can't state a fact on any of them since I haven't tried either one. I have tried goodnights, and they're just for looks mostly. Now I can say that from other reviews I've gotten, the boxers are a lot better than the underjam. I'm gonna sample them both myself, and find out which is better in my opinion.


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    I'm planning on buying by the end of the month. I was planning on getting breifs anyway, I could always get boxers too.
    *Counts money and is terrified of decreasing reserves, but is reassured in knowing I will be getting more at the end of the month*

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    The boxers are very flimsy and run very small, unlike the briefs which can stretch a lot more. Also the boxers have looser leg cuffs coupled with the fact that the gel in goodnites doesn't absorb fast the boxers tend to leak more. I do like goodnites briefs mainly cuz they are far more durable than underjams and the GN briefs are so fricken comfy too. I really treat them as an underwear substitute/ training pants for teens kinda thing. None of these really compare to a good quality diaper like a Molicare or better yet thick cloth.

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    I've worn the new briefs and tried on of the boxers on when they were really new. Honestly I kinda liked the boxers more comfort-wise, although I didnt use either of them it seems like the boxers would hold more simply cuz they are bigger.

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    I've heard that the boxers are smaller. For whoever can normally fit into the briefs, the boxers are harder to get into because they don't stretch as far. I personally have only used a package of the goodnites briefs. Good if used slowly.

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    I have tried three of the goodnites varients: The soccer goodnites, the old waistband goodnites and the new waistband goodnites. I belive that the newer goodnites w/ waistband are not as good as the one prior (the "Catching Air" one) also considering that you got 1 less in the new package, but are still paying the same. I have never tried the goodnite boxers, if anyone could tell me if i had a chance to fit in them (25-26" waist, 27" hips; 110lbs) I would be glad to give a review/comparison on them.

    I will edit this, if i try the boxers.

    Underpants: Pro
    -Good Designs (Personally do not like the fake fly)
    -Decent Absorbancy. Holds 1 wetting well, maybe a small second wetting
    -Sides hold
    -Dosent clump up to much

    Underpants Con:
    -Cloth outer fabric peels off over time
    -Not very thick

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    I haven't tried Goodnites in a long time. However, from what I remember, the briefs are pretty decent actually. They did leak however, which is why I stopped using them.

    I have heard the the Boxers are better, but do not stretch as well. I have never used them, so I am not totally sure.

    - Asher

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    In my experience, I've only tried the breif style. Honestly, they hold less than the baby diapers I use now. And although they fit better, they leaked after one wetting. I thought they kinda smelled like a hospital, too.

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    Def like the breifs over the boxers myself.
    Personal experiance: I've tried both, SOOO i can honestly say that the briefs stretch FAR more, i have a 34 inch waist (winter podge , working on that) and no problem wearing the briefs all day, but last summer, when my waist was a full 2 inches less (amazing what 15 pounds will do >_>) i still had problems slipping into the boxers, even hadda couple rip on me. But if you can fit in them they are comparable in comfort and absorbancy (IMO), so if you like the style better and can fit in them, all the power to you.

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