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Thread: The VT party was freakin Awesome!

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    Default The VT party was freakin Awesome!

    (tried to bump my prior post, but it was closed)

    The BF and I got back yesterday from 4+ days in VT with about 150 other ABDLs, and I've gotta say, it was a life-changing weekend! We're no strangers to ABDL parties, but this was something special... It was so well planned, with great food, great events, and some really amazing people!

    We headed up (with a few other friends) on Thursday, and were greeted with a beautiful place to stay (a large "lodge" in Stowe, VT), and unfortunately, a bunch of rain as well. No problem though, as the fun was inside. Chris and I met up with a bunch of people we'd met in the past from FL, GA, the UK, and all over, and an hour after we arrived we chowed down on a huge Mexican buffet. We hit the pool after dinner (and no, we didn't wait 30 minutes ), and after cleaning up from that went and hit up the open bar for the rest of the evening, chatting it up and meeting new people.

    Friday came and we got up a bit late considering bedtime the night before was 5AM, but still made it to Burlington for a late lunch and some shopping. Got back to the lodge a little before dinner, and took another dip in the pool (this time with a proper cloth swim diaper... a first for me), and then grabbed some grub. We both joined in the fashion show after dinner, but were shown up by a good friend of mine, who makes for a very convincing Paula Abdul (don't laugh... he looked amazing ). More cocktails and socializing into the night, with a champagne toast and a showing of Rocky Horror at midnight.

    Saturday we inundated Ben and Jerry's with lots of ABs (I don't think there has ever been more people taking the factory tour in overalls than that day), got the whole tour of their factory, and grabbed lunch at The Shed (which has a GREAT maple porter made in-house... yum!) on the way back. I helped with dinner (it's a requesite that everyone helped at least once), which was prime rib, and got to play "lunch lady" doling out the baked potatoes and veggies in the serving line. More socializing after dinner, and a "chicken feed" (basically a "throw in what you don't want" swap) on the dance floor, and more pool time later on.

    At 10PM a world renowned drag star from Toronto hosted a show on the stage, which was absolutely amazing, and afterwards was a "diaper prom", with everyone dressed up in anything from tuxes to Tena Slip Maxis. Saturday was another late night, with most staying up until the sun came up.

    Sunday we got up to a big breakfast (and LOTS of coffee ) and lounged around most of the day, getting in what time we could with friends before we all left. We ate out at a Thai restaurant (which I'm still paying for... very yummy, but also very, very spicy) as a last hurrah on the way home, and got home in time to find out that the Sunday Fox lineup was all reruns. Good reason to go straight to bed.

    Our abode for the weekend:

    (sorry for the crappy pic, took it as we were leaving)

    All in all a great long weekend! We met some really cool new people, in addition to the well represented crew from here in MA. I know that when I made the thread about this party a few months ago, some were interested in possibly going... Did anyone else from here go? If so, give a shout!

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    Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm a bit shy open-minded straight man. I wonder if I would have felt comfortable there. It seems your perspective is gay-bi & Iíve no issue with that but would like to know if all interests were welcome. I'd like to get involved in some get togethers sometime.

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    Nam, "inviting" doesn't even begin to explain the aura of everyone there this past weekend. I don't think I went 5 minutes the first day without someone coming up and saying "hi, I'm so and so, and this is my friend so and so", and so forth.

    Plus, there was a great mix of people... Predominantly gay, yes, but there were dozens of straight people, and quite a few married couples as well (and lesbians, too! lol). Like any event I've been to, there wasn't ANY sex type stuff involved, at least out in the open. Everyone had their own rooms, just as you would at any inn, and I'm sure if any of that happened, it did so behind closed doors.

    The weekend was about having fun and enjoying everyone's company, and the beautiful VT setting. If you can dig that (and great food, swimming, ice cream, and such), you're a shoe-in for next year.

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    Sounds cool, NEJay. I love New England. It's always beautiful. The last time I was there was between my Junior and Senior of college with my room mate. We had the time of our lives. I still have the pics on slides. Remember slides?

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    I had one of the best times of my life at the party I cant wait till next year

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    I am extremely sorry that I missed it, but I will for certain be there for next year. I would have gone this year but I was too shy and chickened out. I'm glad to hear that those who did go enjoyed it, and I look forward to going next year, and I do plan on making my reservation as early as possible.

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    There are AB parties in Boston. I want to go I'm western mass

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    Wow, that looks like it was an awesome place to stay and sounds like a good weekend. I really need to tour the New England states some time.

    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I still have the pics on slides. Remember slides?
    Those things are great fun. Just replaced the wire for the remote to my neighbor's slide projector. Remember wired remotes?

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    WoW that sounds GREAT , I hope next year that I'm able to go to a AB/DL party, Only thing it would have to be in hte US :\ fingers crossed

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    NE Jay, it sounded like a blast. I would love to go to the party next year. If I can't next year, then most certainly the year after that : )

    - Asher

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