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    Default Bambino ordering billing information

    quick question, when ordering bambinos through a credit card what will show up in the email and billing confermation when i order them? what will show up?

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    I'm not sure about the email, but the Bambino website itself claims that their products will appear as "TBHG LLC" on your credit card bill.

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    Correct. "TBHG, LLC" is exactly what will show on your statement (as well as their phone number). You will get an email confirmation from "Bambino Diapers" though.

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    speaking of which....i just ordered some yesterday! woo, cant cait

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    Actually, on my statement I got in the mail it said "Bambin." It left the last letter off. So look carefully.

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    My CC bill usually says TBHG LLC. Looks innocent enough. The e-mail confirmation and tracking info are from Bambino though.

    As soon as my check clears the bank tonite I'll be ordering a case for myself and LG.

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    On my past bills it says "BOTTOMHALFGROUPLLC 650-266-9286 CA" and on the last one it said "PAYPAL *TBHG LLC 402-935-7733 CA", so make sure nobody else looks at your bills and connects the dots...

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