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Thread: Favorite diaper scene in the media?

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    Default Favorite diaper scene in the media?

    I am wondering what everyone's favorite diaper scene in the media is? Mine are all of the diaper-related scenes from the old show "You Can't Do That On Television" from the 80's child-sketch show that used to be on nick on cable.

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    I think I remember a story on the local news about a bank robber wearing just a diaper, but it might have been a robber of something else as I can't find a link (sorry).

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    It's not a favourite, in fact it freaks me out a bit, but there is a sketch on an old Harry Enfield sketch-show where two adults play the roles of a boy and girl toddler. For some reason, in the sketches, the boy gets away with terrorising his sister. I've only ever seen two or three of the sketches, usually when there's been nothing better on, but it does fascinate me to see how they've gone about making the scenery such that the adults look toddler size. They wear baby clothes and sit in highchairs, have a huge stair gate and things.

    The Tweenies (BBC - CBeebies) fascinates me for the same reason. They have to make adults in big foam suits look like the attendees of a pre-school. I've noticed the toy stroller is probably a real but cheaper one, which tend to look similar to toy ones.

    That's not really anything to do with diapers though. Other than one time, when Doodles the dog needed a bath and there was a bad smell, one of the Tweenies characters asked another Tweenies character (Jake) if he wanted her to take him to 'Judy' (the child-minder) to change his pull-ups! (Jake said it wasn't him and then they noticed Doodles needed a bath). Wasn't expecting that though! Made me giggle.
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    I'm ganna have to go with the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", the first 5-10 minutes of the movie. Baby Herman (my avatar) is going throughout the cartoon scene as a toddler, then the scene ends, he moves into the 'real world'. You find out this 'baby' is really a 40 year old man that just looks like a toddler.

    I dont might sound really lame the way I just explained just go watch the first 10 minutes of the movie

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    I forgot all about it, but the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards I used to collect as a kid were filled with diaper references. Looking at some of the cards, I think I remember that's where some of my curiosity started.

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    Just remembered one of the 'Like that time when...' flashbacks on Family Guy, where Peter recalls the time he decided to wear adult diapers. He walks into the room to tell Lois he's going out and will have his dinner later, and half-way through his sentence he pauses and looks straight ahead for a few moments, then carries on talking casually!

    There's also the time Stewie lands in a girl baby's pram and says something about being able to smell she has a poopy diaper, then says, 'Eh, why does that turn me on?'

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    There is an episode of MST3K, The Leech Woman that has all the apes in diapers, I always get a kick outta watching that.

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    As a kid I loved the old Tom and Jerry Cartoon where Tom was put into diapers by the little girl who lived in the house.

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    I remember when I was little my grandma sent a collection of old cartoons or something, and the last one on one of the vhs tapes was where there was an old guy who was a real mean guy to his son, wouldn't let him have a dog or go fishing and whatnot. Then the dad trips on a skate on the stairs and has a dream where gnomes kidnap him and have a trial. Then the guy got sentanced to the youth machine which turned him into a baby. Then he woke up and stopped being a jerk. I remember when I was 6 this was about the coolest thing in the world. I wonder where that tape went.......well I gotta go find it. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    As a kid I loved the old Tom and Jerry Cartoon where Tom was put into diapers by the little girl who lived in the house.
    Yes, absolutely; and the Flintstones ep where Barney was diapered and did not approve. in season 3

    • Baby Barney
    Fred told his rich Uncle Tex that he has named his child after him, so when Tex comes to visit, Barney agrees to don a diaper to keep Fred in the will. 7/10
    Flintstones fans - see DVD Verdict Review - The Flintstones: Season Three also for the excellent essay

    "The Hero," which has Fred's identical twin conscience pull out of his body and steal his dinners.

    So let's close the flintsones Lookback with the Screaming Blue Messiahs:

    YouTube - Screaming Blue Messiahs - I Wanna Be A Flintstone

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