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    How many here have accounts on other diaper sites other than this one. I have one like two others

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    A few...

    I register the name "Lukie" on other websites so people don't take it. I don't actually use those sites.

    It's a credibility thing. I strongly (emphasis: STRONGLY) believe that people should be given credit where it is due. Conversely, people should not be given credit where it isn't due.

    Honestly, if someone else registered any nickname I use, I'd probably snap. Especially if that person was "less than savoury" or just downright creepy. I feel their bad image would rub off onto me...

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    I'm registered on a couple of other sites. I'm always either ayanna or baby ayanna and I ALWAYS use pink font or I have always in the past few years anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babynaruto1 View Post
    I have an account at and also at
    You don't post much do you? I haven't had to warn you, so I'm assuming no.

    I'm Thallis on FTT, Drew on The previously mentioned (really the only one with power. Johnny only occaisonally comes), I have one on DB (for the lulz), and one on Furaffinity if that counts.

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    DarkSunDS on FTT, FA and TFD. And it seems that he didn't even post on FTT, I guess the members-only forums are more interesting. He only spams here though. *shifty eyes*

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    Oh I'm a member of quite a few sites, however, this is the only one I really visit daily. There is one other I go to every once in a while, they rest, I could care less about.

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    Fallen on FTT, Fallen- (bayfur) FA, Fallenm!nk(regular) on FA, and a ton of other forum accounts for just about anything.

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