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Thread: Apron Method for Doubling

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    Default Apron Method for Doubling

    How I "fake" a cloth diaper, plus doubling:

    Ingredients: at least 1 disposable, at least 1 cloth diaper, a bit bigger than the average tea towel

    Tools: none at all

    Wear the disposable as normal. Hold the cloth longways down; tuck 1-2" into the waist at the front, without pulling off the top tapes. (Pull the ends of the cloth widthways to prevent bunching.) Reach behind and grab the cloth hanging down between the legs;pull up so the crotch is snug and tuck the end into the waist at the back, pulling widthways from both sides, again, to prevent bunching. There will be excess around the legs that gets tucked into the disp's leg holes. The net result is a pinless, velcroless cloth diaper.

    When a disp is full, it usually leaks at the legs; the cloth wicks very well, sucking up fluid and soaking along its whole volume; sap (super absorbant polymer, the stuff inside disps) wicks poorly: when some absorbs fluid it turns into a gel that more water can't get through. That's why your disp can leak though parts are dry. So the cloth layer allows for better flooding without leaks

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    ok i may be just thickheaded or something but i don't see how to do this.

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    I dont get how to do this iether. No good diaper for me I guess. Can anyone post pictures of each step?

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    This looks like a neat idea. I'll need to get some decent plastic pants to try it out though.

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