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Thread: What would you choose...

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    Default What would you choose...

    An interesting thought question I stumbled across the other day. Of the two following, which would you choose:

    1) A cure for a deadly disease, you find/invent a cure that is cheap, safe, and save thousands, perhaps millions of lives.

    2) You create a wondrous piece of art, that inspires people to feel better about their lives, making thousands, perhaps millions of people happier.

    To make things as black and white as possible. You cannot justify one of your choices by having its consequences "bleed" into the other choice. As in: Picking the choice for art makes the people with teh disease happier, making them healthier

    pick and option, then explain your reasoning if you want.

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    I would craft a peace of art that could cure more than just sickness, But make people want to better them self, and other around them. An look mind blowing at the same time.

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    I'd rather create a work of art that inspires people to better themselves. The problem with cures is that eventually the disease is irradicated or it evovles and then your left with nothing. I'd rather create an everlasting work than a cure that eventually outlives its usefulness.

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    I'd want to cure something. Maybe something like cancer. (though people would still die if it's never detected, but still the amount of lives saved would be amazing!) Saving lives is more important than fame. Plus a certain amount of fame would go along with making a cure anyway, but the fame is not what I want.

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    Diseases mutate. There will always be another illness or sickness. Human life is short. Life in and of itself isn't really all that important. What we do with that life, and the legacy we leave behind is infinitely more important than the life itself. Or to put it a little more simply- I consider burning a book or destroying a masterwork painting a bigger crime than murder on a philosophical level. A person has maybe eighty, maybe a hundred years and then their time is done, but the art, the work, lives on after them and inspires others, and thus a piece of someone lives on after their time. Does that make sense? It makes sense in my head.

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    I get to pick the disease. Low emotional density. Details forthcoming

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    number 2 people are going to die from diseases every day so if i made something that changed the lives of people it would make it so that i could die a very happy ab

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'd have to say I'd find a cure for a fatal disease. After all, it's hard to appreciate art if you're dead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    I'd have to say I'd find a cure for a fatal disease. After all, it's hard to appreciate art if you're dead!
    Hmm interesting I chose the creation of some art because to me it wouldn't be the quantity of lives but perhaps the quality of life. What if all those people who survive from that disease have a dull boring life? Why live at all?!

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