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Thread: Horrible movies...

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    Default Horrible movies...

    What are some of the worst movies you've seen and why?

    For me...

    The Fighter (also called Savate): Picture Bloodsport. What if Jean Claude Van Dame was one of the best actors on the planet? So, take Bloodsport, and put it in the "wild wild west". Then add a villain so stereotypical... he has a monocle and mustache... but he's also a kick boxer. I kept waiting for him to bind a girl to a railroad track. The movie had it all... gigantic russian wrestler guy... african "monkey style" guy... It was so wrong on so many levels.

    It was one of those so bad it was actually funny sort of things.

    Street Fighter: Speaking of Jean Claude... This movie was amazing because it had almost no martial arts in it. Street Fighter... no martial arts... what's the point? The main villain (M. Bison) was played by Raúl Juliá. (Who also played Gomez Addams in the Addams Family which I thought was pretty cute/funny.) He's out to build "Bisonopolis" and enforce the "Pax Bisonica". This was one of those... so bad it's not funny it's bad again...

    Ultraviolet: It's about vampires... kinda sorta. Vampirism via viral transmission. They call the vampires "hemos". I went to see this with my room mate in the theater. I was getting drowsy and he flat out fell asleep half way into it. Just as I was dozing off in the final battle scene... the main character flicks some of her blood onto the main villain (who is a medical doctor btw).

    He stops... looks at her with disgust... and says one of the best lines I have ever heard: "... you got hemo blood on me... It. Is. On!!!" The line itself is tear inducing, but when you remember he's a medical doctor, it's that much better. I started cracking up in my seat and made my room mate wake up. "Wake up /laugh Wake up!!! /gasp This is most hilarious thing I've ever seen or heard /laugh Listen to what he just said /gasp" I was not popular in the theater that night

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    T.A.C.T.I.C.A.L - It is soooo bad, the actors are just rubbish, the gun sounds are dubbed in, badly, and the action is just so terrible, I saw the first 10 minutes, then just skipped through bits.

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    The worst movie I've ever seen was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Never before has a film literally taken such a big shit on the continuity of the series to which it belongs. I love some pretty fucking terrible movies, but that was, by far, the worst.

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    Oh I have a few. But the ones that are most prominent:

    Freddy got Fingered: My brother and cousin brought this home one holiday and I sat in at the beginning as I had nothing better to do. Big mistake. I couldn't even make it through the whole thing. Sorry to any Tom Green fans, but it was terrible and really, really gross. Yes, I realize shocking/gross Tom Green humor was probably the point of the movie...but it was still horrible. Even my brother and cousin agreed, who at the time got a laugh from his kind of humor and did not share my general dislike of that kind of movie.

    Battlefield Earth: Just terrible. Complete fail of a picture. I don't think there was one thing I liked about this movie. That is all.

    The Avengers Movie (the one with Sean Connery): Again, awful. This finally got it into my head that I shouldn't just go see a movie just because it has an actor/actress I like in it. It can still be terrible.

    All of the older Batman movies after Batman Returns: This list obviously doesn't include the two new ones (Begins and Dark Knight which were great), but other than those two and the original Batman, they hurt my brain. I'll give a pass to Returns, since it wasn't absolutely horrible and I did get some enjoyment out of it, but the rest can stay down in the dungeon. Bleh.

    There are many more, but I won't take up any more space

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    I usualy like any movie I see because I never watch anything with any expectations. But there's this one movie, Babylon AD, which must have beeen used in Gitmo as a torture device.

    Imagine this; Vin Diesel is a mercenary/thug/punk/gangster/cop-killing-machine in a futuristic setting. Unfortunatly, the futuristic setting looks exactly like modern day eastern europe, and in fact, takes place there. The story involves him rescuing some lady from tibetan monks and escaping with her to america and, ultimately, to Canada. People want to kill them for some reason, they ride in an old soviet submarine, and I dozed off somewhere around there.

    Other than me and my friends, there were two other people in the theatre. As we were walking out, one of them said to me "That's two hours of my life I'll never get back."

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    The worst movie of 2008 was The Dark Knight, which sucked yak nuts.

    Here's my review and subsequent follow-up post from my blog: Blogs - Dispassionate MySpace Blog Blogs - Dispassionate MySpace Blog

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    Butterfly Mage


    Battlefield Earth: A Scientology recruitment film that had a huge budget but terrible acting, a plot that could not be followed, and paper-thin character development.

    Glitter: Another stereotypical film about a singer from the ghetto breaking out into the big leagues. The trouble is that the dialogue was formulaic and the sound mixing was so bad that I needed to turn the captioning on just to follow the voices.

    The Fog (Remake): Add better special effects but screw up the original story so as to leave nothing of the original plot behind. Also add that great modern non-acting acting where people read diaologue in monotone.

    Wing Commander: Turn a 1980s Atari 400 video game and make a movie about it. Too bad the special effects in the movie weren't much better than the game, har har.

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    1.The Cat In The Hat
    2.The Neverending Story Part 3
    3.Forest Gump (I know, shut up!)
    4.The Godfather movies (I know, alright! Jesus!)
    5.Babe 1 and 2
    6. James and the giant (stupid ass) peach
    7. Willow

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    Ultraviolet was a crappy movie i will agree.

    Possibly the worst movie EVER was the happening.

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    It's either called A Walk to Remember (I think it's this one) or A Walk in the Clouds...

    The movie-line that had me laughing in the theater:

    Female Lead: I have something to tell you.
    Male Lead: Yes?
    Female Lead: I have cancer.
    Male Lead: <name>, I love you.
    Worst. Movie. Ever.

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