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Thread: Monkey, this post is for you. + Global warming!

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    Default Monkey, this post is for you. + Global warming!

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    I wish someone would make me a personalised topic.

    Since you asked for it, here's a song for you.

    There, you have a a personalized topic.

    Okay, I'm not gonna waste a topic like this, cause it would be way to spammy, so..

    DISCUSS : Global Warming, what do you think of it ? Are enough changed being made?

    Brainfood : (I DO NOT support this theory, I just put this here because It's only correct to have both opinions on a subject [In this case : If Global warming is fact or fiction, and how dangerous is it?])

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    Ahh, you beat to making the topic.

    Global warming: There's very little that we can do as individuals. If I "went green" it have no effect on global warming... If everyone in the UK "went green" it would such a small effect it wouldn't be worth the effort. We are nowhere near close to doing enough to help prevent global warming.
    What we need to do is make a proper agreement and get the major countries to follow it . We need everyone to do things that help protect the environment, and that comes with the government educating people about it or providing things that help reduce CO2 emissions (like GOOD public transport).

    All this is assuming that Global warming (as a result of CO2 emissions) is correct, which may well be a big assumption! There's facts either way, and I'd love to see a good unbiased report about it... But we know that being slightly "greener" would be beneficial to the environment anyway, so it's worth doing!

    Global warming may well be rubbish, but we can't deny that we're messing up the world.

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    I actually read a POSITIVE article about Global Warming. Humans ALWAYS adapted themselves to their environments, so in the author's opinion, YES it's a bad thing, but it's not like we will all die and it'll be the end of the world or whatever.

    Rick Roll'd! DX

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    I think that Global warming is a fully natural occurance that takes place in cycles, just like ice ages, only now were in the opposite phase. Who knows! In 1000 years the big fad might be "Global Cooling" and everybody will be encouraged to leaves there doors open in the winter and idle their cars in the drive way for extended periods of time to put out more CO2 and "warm up the planet". As far as global warming goes, at least the way scientists portray it, that we are totally responsible for global warming and everybody should use flouresent light bulbs, trade in there trucks for a prius, glue solar pannels to their roof, and buy products from only "GREEN" companies is TOTALLY BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!
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    This sentence has been edited out because it had nothing to do at all with the thread.
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    climate change is what my dad deals with all day long at work. he's politically quite moderate, and like a lot of moderates and conservatives he was very slow to accept the "doom and gloom" view of climate change that claims that humans are almost exclusively responsible for recent trends and we're in danger of seeing a significant rise in the sea level. but in recent years, he and almost everyone else who works on global warming have changed their views and accepted that the current warming trend is almost certainly the result of human activity.

    if you talk to the people with their finger on the pulse, they'll tell you that in the past couple of years people who doubt that climate change is real or who blame it on natural trends have been pushed to the extreme fringes of the right wing. there's essentially no solid science to back up that viewpoint, and you certainly won't find any public policy or laws being written and passed which reflect those views anymore. a few years ago it was considered plausible, but today it's an archaic viewpoint that's only held by untra-conservative nutcases.

    even the wikipedia article on global warming, which strives to maintain a neutral voice, states right at the beginning of the article that it's caused by human activity. it's not an opinion you can debate about, it's a simple solid scientific fact.

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