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Thread: Summer Job?

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    Default Summer Job?

    What will your summer job or occupation be?

    I will take one class in summer session. It will be for fun, a class I'd never take in regular session.

    I've also hooked up with another guy who needs help getting his book ready for publication.

    I will edit it a bit, then I will design it and set the type. I really look forward to this project. (This will be pro bono.)
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    I most likely will have a babysitting job all summer....

    I'm getting paid to play :]

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    I tried to get a job at McDonald's, but I never heard back from them.

    I probably won't get any summer job, and I probably don't need one. Not going on holiday (except camping) or anything.

    I might see if I can work a little bit at my old job where I washed up in a kitchen.

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    I'm going to work at a youth hostel, as reception. It's going to be great.

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    I'll have the same job I have all year, but I always do more on-the-side work during the summer because it's warm enough to work in my own driveway and garage. I just finished a job for a fellow resuscitating his '73 Beetle with a pair of well used carburetors he bought off eslay. That kind of work makes me some spending money, so now my paycheck can go to the bills, mortgage, and savings for retirement when I'm around 90 years old.

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    Boy Scout Summer Camp!!! Wooo!!! I'm so excited for it. It's in 2 weeks and I'll be working there for 8 weeks. It is the greatest place in the world for me, and the only real place where I can truly be myself without anyone judging me poorly.

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    I will be lifeguarding. (won't say where... A good majority of you will know the place... It's a nice golf course though...)

    It sucks... I'm getting my salary lowered from 9.00 an hour to 8.00 an hour! There isn't enough money to go around! This is bullshit.... That dollar every hour really adds up...

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    I've been looking since February, filled out countless applications, and printed at least 75 copies of my résumé. No callbacks, no contacts, no nothing.

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    Molesting your mind!!! Oh Wait!

    Naa I ddo not have ajob because I got 6 weeks of school then 2 weeks of driver ED and another 3 days of testing then I get 5 teeth removed. Then I paint my room then I fix up my yard then ECT.

    Busy summer.

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