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Thread: your favorite baby object

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    Default your favorite baby object

    what thing makes you feel the most babyish and the most comfortable

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    I think I tried most baby items before realising it was nappies I was really after. Once I got those, the desire for other items lessened somewhat. But, I do really like my vanilla-scented octopus toy. The smell really chills me out.

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    I just LOVE my diapers and my rubber pants and my rubber sheet!

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    diaper, blankie, and paci are my main items. After that everything is just icing on the cake.

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    [QUOTE=LunaCat;223703] ha im in a diaper cloth outer nuk 5 on a paci holder clippy thingy with my polar plushy and my blankie thats the best icing ever

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    My paci, plushies, and my baba definitely. But I also like my winnie the pooh mobile over my bed for when I fall asleep. And of course comfy diapers ^^

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    Gotta be a bottle. Sucking on a bottle makes me feel more babyish than any one other thing. And the size they come in means that it isn't really a small drink for an adult to have either. If you are thirsty, but not very, a bottle is actually often enough to get rid of your thirst.

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