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Thread: I told somebody...

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    Exclamation I told somebody...

    Okay, so I was never actually planning on doing this, but I really trust this person and suddenly it felt right to actually tell her. I hope nobody rushes into telling anybody for it to all go drastically wrong...

    Anyway, it went GREAT . I didn't actually tell her, I just linked her to, and let her read it, and she was so great about it, and she hasn't just "accepted and never speak of it again" she is asking questions, and she says she isn't freaked out at all.

    I can't believe how great it feels to be able to tell somebody and have them accept it: accept me for who I am. I can't wipe the grin of my face XD.

    Just thought I'd share

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    Well done, great to know it worked out for some one else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajsco View Post
    Well done, great to know it worked out for some one else.
    Thanks ajsco

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    Congrats on tell someone, I am glad it went well for you.

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    When you have a friend that you can tell anything to, you know you have a true friend.. People that are not your friends will run away, assuming and so on...

    Good job :-)

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    well done. It really is a great feeling. Just keep that smile a mile wide

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    It's always nice to hear when this works out for someone. I have been on the receiving end of when it doesn't, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Hope it carries on to go well for you.

    I'd just like to remind everyone else that because it worked here, it doesn't always. Arlikra was lucky. You may not be. Be sure you want to tell someone before going ahead with it.

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    Thanks guys and I agree with what mzk[tab] said, it can go very wrong, so you shouldn't rush into telling anybody. I wasn't really intending for the process to sound any easier than it really is, I just wanted to share the good news. Think carefully before telling people!

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    That's got to be great that she's asking questions about it. My friend found this websight by searching my name and bragged (quietly to me only) that he found it. He asked 2 strange questions about if I was part of the increadably extreem side of this fetish and he hasn't said anything about it ever again. It's like he never found out in the first place. It must be really nice to have someone who cares about you enough to ask more questions about it.

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    That's wonderful! Glad you had the right feeling about her and grats to you for being so confident and to her for being so understanding, as most people aren't in this area

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