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Thread: What stuff do you use to advoid diaper rashes and chaffing

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    Smile What stuff do you use to advoid diaper rashes and chaffing

    Okay, my problem is that I have tried baby power, baby oil, Walgreen's generic body locution and even Desitin. What product would be the best to avoid a rash and itching. I wear depends fitted Briefs and Walgreen's cloth back about a few times a week but I'll wear for days straight and then go back into regular boxers.

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    Desitin or A+D ointment do the trick for me. I powder all the time, but overnight or extended wearing I'll hit the cream too. Never had a problem.

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    What products will help all depends on what's going on...I'm no pro, but here is my opinion:

    If chaffing is happening, then something needs to either prevent the cause of the chaffing or limit the effects. So, talc will help absorb moisture (inc. sweat) which is a cause of chaffing, whilst baby oil or oily cream such as 'Bepanthen' (which I use) will lubricate the chaffing action, stopping it from causing friction damage and pain.

    If it's skin irritation from sweat, pee etc that's causing a rash, again it's a case of preventing the cause and/or treating the symptoms. Barrier cream, such as 'Zinc and Castor Oil' will help form a layer between the skin and the pee, so reducing irritation. I think Sudocrem is similar, but I've never tried it.

    If the skin is having an irritated or allergic-type reaction, antihistamine cream helps calm the irritation, cool the skin and cease the itching. Some nappy creams also contain vitamin D or something which helps the skin repair itself.

    If the rash is infected, weeping etc, then some antiseptic cream might be a good idea. Some nappy creams also contain antiseptic.

    Having said that, as we already know, there is no substitute for thorough cleaning, drying and letting the area get some air, but then again, the nature of using nappies points to the opposite!

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    I personally find A+D ointment works wonders. It's great if you have a rash, and from stopping you form getting one. I like to put some along the leak guards and tops/bottoms of the diaper. It lubes things up enough that even on a sweaty summer day I don't get a rash (I made the mistake of walking 4 miles or so the other day in a diaper without it.. ouch!).

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    i mainly use just powder...but then again i have wore full time for months now so my skin is more used to it...and i use the walgeens as well

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    For some reason I am miraculously rash-resistant. I am thankful.

    As far as chaffing... it only really bothers me when it gets really hot in the summer and I have a thick diaper on. To prevent, I have thinner diapers.

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    Depend diapers ALWAYS give me a rash. I think it's their "powder" or SAP that is on the top of the diaper. With that, I usually only use powder and change frequently if it's hot/sweaty. And if I wet, then I usually change pretty soon after.


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    The only thing I use is powder, and I have NEVER gotten a rash. (Maybe I have tough skin?)

    As for chaffing, I just choose NOT to wear when it's too warm outside.

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