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  • Razors

    75 50.34%
  • Electric shaver

    30 20.13%
  • Hair removal creams

    9 6.04%
  • Permanent hair removal

    3 2.01%
  • Don't shave at all

    32 21.48%
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Thread: How do you shave your umm "Area"??

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    Default How do you shave your umm "Area"??

    Do you Shave and what do you use??

    Me i just use some cheap razors, and take care of it. I still get the itchy part afterwords, but been doing it so long I'm kind of used to it.

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    With a mug and brush (my grandfather's), and usually Quattro or Mach 3, or sometimes Extreme 3 blades. A couple times a week.


    With a Phillips Norelco bodygroomer thingy. Never to the skin, always just a close trim.

    Hope that's what you wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupcake View Post
    You forgot scissors.

    *covers and runs*

    AND OT: What Darkfinn said. And I never get the itchies.

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    I use a razor and soap in the shower. Electrics are too rough and creams are a no-no... read the warnings on the labels.

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    I use just normal razors and shaving cream. I admit once I was stupid and used the razorless cream before... all I can say is ow >.>

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    It depends on the cream. Nair is a definite no-no. But Veet is very gentle and it works quite well for me.

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    ummm razors and shaving cream since i was 15 so yeah..

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