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Thread: Im doing artwork for people

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    Post Im doing artwork for people

    So I was thinking about making some artwork for ANYONE on the forum, just give me your ideas and I shall draw ^^

    Note, I will do commissions on the terms that :

    1. You need to be a regular or someone I know < not a really big one, I know everyone from the forum so no problems>

    2. You can have one commission

    3. you must not beg for artwork

    4. If I know you from SL I will need exactly $10L to upload it, no more, no less

    5. if you want colors, specify them as of Ear color, fur color, eye color

    6. Specify all details of artwork you would like

    7. dont forget to tell me your fursona!

    8. I am limited to Fur artwork <so dont request human-drawings or non-anthro>

    9. YOU MUST LIKE PIE! <you dont have to, but I do>

    Let the request lines open!

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    I assume you "know me" if you added me to your buddy list, don't you? :3

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    how about drawing lessons? i've always wanted to learn how to draw well. maby you could post some pictures of an unfinished drawing as you draw it. like certain sections you do first, how to do this and that, and all the other stuff. if not thats cool, i'm not even sure if it would help me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakethefox View Post
    I can teach you my technique, in the forum of picture-steps
    HAZZA!!! i love that word.

    i'm good at drawing if i look at something, my only problem is free hand. everything gets dispraportionalised (i made a big word).

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    Can you make something for me?

    male anthro gray fox
    Hair: gray (darker than fur color) & a little brown
    Eyes: One brown eye and one green eye, kinda like a pine green. (my character's eyes can gradually change color. I haven't decided if there's any actual reason for it.. but it's cool, so I like it.)
    Tail: long and bushy like a real gray fox's tail. black stripe and black tip on the tail. (tip looks like the tip of a red fox's tail, but black)
    Fur: gray with... very light gray belly, white lower-face. white hand-paws
    Clothing: optional shirt, no pants
    Other: Collar with a tag. Diaper with optional pattern (pawprints)

    What poses can you do or would like to try? I hadn't considered that yet and I don't want to ask you to do something you can't do. And what kinds of items can be added? could I get a sippy cup or baby bottle in the picture? won't ask for a lot... just trying to get an idea of what you will/won't draw.

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    I will draw anything that you would like, I can do about every pose because of a Ball-and-line technique I use, I will explain my drawin' process to the forum soon... I was a little busy today, water pipe burst in the closet ._.

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    Default my idea

    um i dont think you know me but i have a sort of good idea but i kneed to know if its any good. basicly elmo changing an adult. i kind of made a story where elmo is a parent of a kid who falls into a land of cartoons. if you want to read it(wich i dont think so) its called cartoon master in storys in progress

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