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Thread: I am new :-P

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    Default I am new :-P

    Hey everyone, I found this site by looking at all the back links to my site and saw someone had posted a link... This looks like an interesting site, so I decided to join!

    I am 24, currently working on my education.

    I also own and operating Acecool Medical : where we sell the Wellness Brief, and coming soon the European Tena Slip Maxi, and Attends Slip Regular #10


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    Welcome to ADISC!

    How about you tell us a little more about you, just so we get to know who you are. What do you like to do for fun and all that jazz?

    Anyway, are you a DL or just a salesman :P

    Nice meeting you! Make sure to post.


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    I surf in my free time, I also work on cars (mainly my own - Skyline Engine built in), go to the beach, hang with friends, go out etc etc..

    I am also a computer nerd, but not the type that sits in the corner and starts rocking at the first sight of people.. I get out, I do things.. I love adrenaline...

    Ive been skydiving, and want to go again, Ive lived in Germany for 6 years, Canada for 3 and the rest in the States.


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    Sound like a fun person. What kind of car do you have? And which Skyline engine are you using? There is a local S14 240 with the S15 Silvia front clip and an RB26, and I just want to go rub myself on it whenever I see it. My first cars were all Dxdeadxn/Nissan's, and I still love them. Now I've become a convert to the cult of Subaru though hehe.

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    Welcome to our community, we're a diverse bunch so there must be quite a few who like to play with cars. I'm one, but I am somewhat daunted by today's emission systems. I have seen some cars without any such plumbing, and they are lovably simple to work on. It must have been a blast in the old days

    Anyway, look around, you'll certainly find other things you like to talk about.

    PS. I've owned a Subaru, but never a Nissan. Fords mostly . . .

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    Hi and welcome. You sound like a very interesting individual... and I would definately be interested in getting my hands on some of those European Tena Slip Maxis.

    C'ya around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acecool View Post
    Ive been skydiving,

    Damn! I have always wanted to do that. There is a place around me, in NJ I believe, and I am so down to go. Hopefully I can find some time this summer. How was it?


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    Aha! This is the sort of smut this guy is peedling, I mean peddling. For Shame, sirrah! Have at you! Our tender young puppy-eyed innocents! What about the children!!!

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    Lol, tons of replies!!! Muhauahaha :-)

    Ok, skydiving is really amazing! It does not feel like you are falling, you have NO ground rush... What you have is a landscape in front of you, that you barely notice getting closer (also, your stomach does NOT jump into your throat when you jump) - and when the chute is deployed you just go from your entire body being massaged by air, to complete calm/peace and a beautiful view!!!

    I drive an S13, 89 240sx SE with the RB20DET... I went with the RB20 because my auto transmission died, and it wouldve cost more to rebuilt it, rather than a newer engine with less miles. I have it tuned to 250HP at the rear wheels, in a car that weighs just over a ton. - I did all the work on it myself with 0 knowledge of cars after being screwed out of $300 down payment on a back yard mechanic to put it in for me... He didnt come through, so I took everything home and put it in myself :-)
    Some of you may know me from carolina nissans, or from nico club

    I am pursuing my degree in computer science

    I will be returning to the States on June 12th, so they will be on the site June 12th or the 13th. The Attends actually do not look like the photo any more, but are still a good product.

    EDIT: Raccoon, I need 15 posts to reply to your pm... Ill see if I can find another 11 constructive posts to post and then I will reply :-)

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