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Thread: So I'm leaving...

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    Default So I'm leaving...

    ...for overseas. :interest:

    Canada/US - NYC, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Vancouver... or thereabouts.

    End of June - end of July. So I won't be around for a month... well, I'll sure as hell be getting around, just not here. :sly:

    Quite simply for a holiday. Been working the past 6 years without anything more than a week or two off, in addition to studying and just generally being a busy-body. And no I'm not counting the times in-between jobs, because I had to spend my time looking for another job!

    So yes, this is just forewarning. I'll be busy the next few weeks with university exam finals, so I thought I'd get this out there now before I get tied down with that. Guess it also means I just won't be around for the next few weeks as well, anyway...

    Work hard my friends, it really gets you places and the rewards are worth reaping.

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    Have fun on the trip Lukie. Just remember to remove your shoes before going into any igloos you may see

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    Make sure you send us a picture postcard, or at least a picture, so don'T forget your camera.

    And I hope that the Americans like the Aussie accent as much as they claim they do

    Have fun and be safe...once you leave!


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    hey, i might see you around. if a guy just randomly comes up to you and shakes your hand then walks away, just know it was me.

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    Hey Lukie, have a good time, relax and enjoy yourself.
    If you need anything when you're in this part of the world, feel free to message me.

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    You knooowwww you wanna visit me.

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    You never know what you will find when you get back, dishes everywhere, an odd smell in the basement and the remains of police tape on the trees...
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    And I hope that the Americans like the Aussie accent as much as they claim they do
    Chicks will be on him like socks on feet, then rock their socks off! Dude you ain't leaving my side, you'll attract all the women with your accent.

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