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Thread: A cool "art" video that's right up our alley...

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    Default A cool "art" video that's right up our alley...

    Let me just say that A) this is a dream job for many of us, and B) I'm sure half the people on this site could put this man to shame. lol

    I know my baby girl could.

    YouTube - Michael Smith performing Baby Ikki at Galleria Emi Fontana

    It's amazing what you can get away with in the name of art. Almost makes me wish I were pretentious enough to say there was some deep meaning behind my ab/dl-ism.

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    I don't understand the video at all. There may be something in the blandness of his actions and the style of his clothes that allows viewers to "paint their own picture"; I don't know if truly acting like a baby was the point, so our members indeed may not be able to perform better. Many things in "high art" are elusive and often irrational.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    I second the motion.

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    Forty seconds for me.

    And a waste of them.

    I feel like an art victim.
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    weird ... I hope he has a large following very innovative

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    That was SO massively retarded....And extremely annoying...

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    Yeah, I never said the man did it well, just that he did it. And that we could do it better.

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