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Thread: Good place for anime.

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    Default Good place for anime.

    Can't remeber if I have menchened this or not but awhile back I found a really good website to watch free anime.

    Watch Anime Online | English Dubbed / Subbed Episodes

    It contains about 90 dubbed animes and around 130 animes all together. Check it out if your an anime fan.

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    Wow, thank you, not a bad site!

    Lol at some of their non anime though.

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    Anime News Network is also a good site!!

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    I love good dark anime, like Witch Hunter Robin. Thanks for the resource. I'm going to use it to further my explorations in that realm.

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    i usually torrent my anime ^.^

    it goes so much faster than streaming anime when yer connection fails during nighttime -.-'

    (and i can watch it 720P at my TV that way :p )

    good sites (ofc.)

    Boxtorrents (registration wanted.), scarywater, torrentbyes (mixed and anime, private - open)) mininova, animatoonic (everything manga/toon/anime/comic - invite only)

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