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Thread: vegetarians or vegans?

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    Default vegetarians or vegans?

    Hm, I was wondering if there were any other vegetarians or any vegans on here, or if I'm the only one surrounded but a bunch of meat eaters...

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    Meat here.

    Medium rare, please . . . .

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    Meatatarian, confirmed. I did eat some veggie lasagna, once, does that count??

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    The only meat I eat is turkey nothing else, otherwise everything else I eat can be classed as a vegatable or fruit.

    I do dairy, yougart,and skim milk only, no cheeses at all.

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    I met a vegitarian who had tried being vegan. He quit after a week because it was so hard.

    Oh ya, burger please.

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    <- vegetarian, I'd rather not pollute my intestines with dead rotting animal, of which I'm not fit to digest in the first place.

    But if you eat meat that's cool, saying there's anything wrong with you if you do, It's just a choice.

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    I'm not a vegitarian, but I tend to avoid meat because I think it tastes bad.

    So essentially, I only eat meat when it's used as a condiment.

    Or is a sausage or fish. I actually like sausage and fish.

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    I'm a meat eater to the very core. There's nothing better than a medium cooked steak.

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    If god did not want animals to be eaten. Why did he make them of meat?

    <stares at medium-rare T-bone steak> hmmmmm.

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