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    I'm planning on going snowboarding this winter(if I have enough cash.)

    I was wondering does anyone know of a place(resort/ski park) that offers lesson?
    What brands of items would you think would be good for beginer?

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    Dude, ANY place will offer you lessons. If they have a ski hill, they probably have a class you can sign up for.

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    and most likely you can get a good begginer package as well. lesson, rental, and lift ticket. What area do you plan on going too? If you post it, I will research it for you.

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    all depends on ur region , just get some name brand board and look around for what u like best .. maybe talk to a boarding tech where you get ur board to suits ur needs

    there are many configurations to a normal board longer also wider
    but hehe maybe snowboarding and diapers might help if u fall on ur ass too much as a starter wink ahah

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