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Thread: Wooohoooo!!!!

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    Default Wooohoooo!!!!

    BOO!!!! I am back.

    I had a computer problem(a major one >_< fried like I do not know how many) and I lost about 1TB in information. DX But good news is I'm getting a computer that should have like 4-8gb ram 360-500gb HDD and a 3.0ghz processor. :3 (My mom is the most bad ass mom out there... although I'm likely going to have to share it with her as a business computer. We need one for that. ((me and her to organize her business.))) I also missed a whole 1/4th of my school year.... >_< And I still managed to pass....WTF...

    :3 anyone miss me?

    So, what's been up since I was last here?

    To anyone that does not know me. I am a sissyfur. I'm 17 and a Christmas baby. My dad died 2-3 months ago, I cook, I draw/take art lessons,Swim, skateboard, and Play music. I have 2 dogs, and 2 cats, A 1987 van, two sister, a half brother, and a brother inlaw. Oh and I live in lafayette louisiana by like everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    :3 anyone miss me?
    Nope! :P

    Welcome back. Sorry about your dad.
    You wanna trade moms? I can't stand mine...

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    Yay - welcome back!

    I was wondering where you were hiding!

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    Nice to see that you're back Valerye; we've missed you : )

    How's that humidity going in Louisiana? ; P

    - Asher

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    Happy to see you back, sorry about your Dad. It's really hard to lose a close family member, are you OK?

    Computer problems resolved, jump back in and have some fun here . . .

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    Valerye!!! *snuggles*

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    Hello. I've always liked reading your stuff here. I'm glad you came back.

    I'm sorry to read about your father. I have no experience with that, so I have no idea how to cope with it. I hope you are well.

    Best to you.

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    I... have... A 1987 van, .

    Or something else? And would you like to show us your art? Is it in the gallery?

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