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    Ok, so I just spend my first night in a diaper last night but didn't want to wet it before I went to bed.

    So I have a few questions for you:
    1a) What is it like to sleep in a damp diaper?
    1b) What is it like to sleep in a soaked diaper?
    2)Is there any way I can get my body to wet the diaper while I'm asleep?


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    1a) The absorbent material will have been partly used and so the nappy will feel firmer. Staying in a damp nappy for any extended length of time can result in a rash, but in my own experience, it's likely to be mild, perhaps slightly itchy. In the mornng it's important to wash, obviously, and maybe open a window just in case of pee-smell. I guess it's down to personal preference, but I find sleeping in a damp nappy as comforting as a dry one, personally.

    1b) I have only done this once, just because I usually put one on for bed having been to the toilet so don't have a lot during the night. The time I did though, I got quite a rash. The nappy felt tighter and quite comforting. By the morning, the nappy will have absorbed more deeply or dried slightly, it feels different. I think there's something comforting in waking up in the morning, needing a change.

    A note about leakage:

    As any time of day or night, if you max out a nappy then sit or lie on it, it can squash some pee back out. Also, if you use it whilst lying down, think about how the position you are in will direct the pee. Usually, lying on your back or front (or turning over to use both) is best because it uses the full padding capacity. On your side, the pee runs into the leg cuffs and is more likely to leak.

    2) I haven't tried to achieve this. I'm not sure it would be a good idea. I'd imagine though that the first thing is becoming able to relax with using the nappy in bed, being confident that it will not leak, or using bed mats so leakage isn't a worry. Once you can use the nappy without straining, but by just 'letting go', I guess that's a first step. If you are fighting against your own muscles, stop, relax for a bit and try just letting go in a few minutes. Don't risk harming yourself.
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    I've never wanted to sleep damp. Seems kool, but thanks for the info
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    I've only done this a few times myself as well. But in each of the experiences, I fully enjoyed it. I diapered up right after I showered, the made sure the diaper was nice and wet. Like Elli already mentioned, it is rather comforting. The feeling when you wake up is also very nice.

    I did not however experience any sort of rash. Even after being diapered for 5 days straight with continual wetting, I did not get any rash.

    Your choice.

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    thanks for your replies guys and gals!

    i'm going to sleep in diapers tonight as it's SIDF but was wondering whether to wet before i go to bed or not.

    plus, what would you classify a 'damp' nappy as? how much wetting would it be? bear in mind, i only have depends pull up pants for women

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    I vote that if you try it, go with the damp diaper. A soaked diaper could potentially give you a rash. If it's just damp, the absorbent material will at least be able to somewhat keep the urine away from your skin.

    I've done it on rare occasion; I'm kind of neurotic where hygiene is concerned.

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    I sometimes fall asleep in an already wet diaper and I hardly ever get a rash. You should be fine, but if you're so concerned about getting a rash, try putting some water in your diaper before bed so you can experience the feeling.

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    The best thing for you is to just try it. Each diaper is different. EX: a soaked/damp premium diaper such as Bambino or Abrea form X-Plus is going to feel far different than a cheap diaper such as store brands or institutional diapers like Wings. You didn't say which diaper you were using so I can't tell you how you diaper experience might be. Be careful of sleeping on you sides in a soaked diaper. Even if you don't add to the wetness overnight it can still leak. This is especially true of cheap diapers.

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    It can be fun to sleep in a soaked diaper, but I usually sleep better without a diaper.

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