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    Ok. I'm still fresh you could say to the AB/DL community. I really enjoy cubbing out and having someone take care of me. As of right now i can only do it online and i prefer to do it inside of Second Life. I Cannot wear padding IRL at the current time though i would like to try it out. Because of my situation it is near impossable.

    A Little background on why i cant be me IRL.

    I am currently enlisted in the military. I have done two tours of duty to iraq. Before you ask i really prefer to not talk about those tours as they bring back memories that are very personal to me.

    I am currently 22 years old and male. My Sexual prefence though i dont feel important is BI.

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    Welcome to ADSIC game!

    I hope you enjoy your stay, and you are welcome for the invite ^_^.

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    Welcome to the site Game

    I hope you have a great time and that you will enjoy the site

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    welcome to adisc, i hope you enjoy your stay at adisc, and i hope your situation with the military improves

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    Yes: don't ask, don't tell, my foot. I would like to see someone try to get out of national service in Israel on the grounds they're gay, or bi, or some damn thing. The US military is still tossing out Arabic speakers for that. *Facepalm*

    Orientation is only important as part of one's identity; as this isn't a dating site or sexual roleplay site, it nearly never makes any difference beyond that. What I mean is (drone drone) your identity to me is a compilation of all the little bits of information that you have shown or told about yourself, and orientation is only one more of them.

    Much more important is your cubby name and what manner of cub you are online, and your favorite sports team, movies, books, and why you chose this site in particular.
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    Ok As an answer to Raccoon. My name handle what every you want to call it. Is a Nickname that i was given in iraq. The Gameslay3r. As for manner of cub im not sure what your refering to. Fatorite sports team, um im not really into sports though i am training for a marathon So i guess my fav team would be me. Movies I love to watch disney, disney/pixar movies and i love action films. I chose this site because i was refered by a friend and was told that i would most likely fit in here.

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    You were GIVEN such a cool nickname??? That takes some doing. I was given one or two but they weren't meant totally as a compliment... I was "Slam" at one job... I liked it...

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