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Thread: the undiscovered world of cloth

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    Default the undiscovered world of cloth


    i am new to cloth, well a virgin with it actually, and i need help. its overwhelming.

    lets see, i want them only for wearing at home. thick. not to pricey, durable and soft. what you think? shape, size, material all that

    i wear a 38 inch waist. med to large diapers. med to large shorts and underwear. i need specifics cuz i dont undertand any of it lol.

    thanks so much everyone!

    oh and the best place to buy them too hehe

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    I have had really good results with Babykins Stay away from the light weight vinyl pants as they are quite fragile and don't last long. If you look in the links area of the site there are a few more places. Also, Angel Fluff has been mentioned a few times but I've never used them.

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    The cloth diapers I use are baby diapers... I stuff them into briefs so they actually stay on me. I can't flood them though... they leak like there's no tomorrow.

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    I haven't tried cloth diaper's yet, should give it a try soon.
    i ordered some small adult plastic pants from ebay though, so they should be here soon.

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    ive tried plastic pants, back in the day. but i wanna try them again. i used to think cloth would be no good but they are reusable and i think i would feel good in them too, like i could regress still. so i am really excited. i just dont know what kind to get, not just brand but the actual kind, as in prefold, countour what.

    i just dont know

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    I've ordered from Adult Cloth Diaper before and their diapers were good, though the flannel diapers I got from them seemed to always have a ton of lint on them, though that may have been how I washed them. I got the pin-on style, and I found it was a pain in rear(pun) to get them on by myself. However, if you like a really tight diaper, you can be assured that the velcro won't slip.

    Recently, I ordered from Angel Fluff and got the heaviest diaper they offer. They are fairly thick and feel pretty comfy to wear them. I was worried that tossing and turning might make the velcro loose, but no problems so far. I can get the velcro pretty tight and still not have problems with it coming loose, I'll have to see if that will hold up though after several washes.

    And I totally agree with the comment about getting heavyweight plastic pants. The thin ones like to rip easily.

    Oh, and if you're going to layer them heavily(4+), order some in the next size up or you might have problems with them not being able to fit over the other diapers. Same goes with plastic pants, buy them in a larger size if you're going to being wearing several diapers at once.

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    DON'T GET PREFOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    'nuff said.

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    As with disposables, there are lots of options with cloth diapers. You could go with all-in-ones, flat, prefolds etc. There are usually good deals on e-bay if you want to try different ones.

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    I know she didn't want me spreading the word too much... but LuvsGurl makes cloth diapers. Abby has one of the prototypes... they're superb and affordable, and can be made in a variety of colours and patterns.

    Check LuvsGurl's blog (Livin Pampered) for more info.

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    her store is closed. awww. i wish i could go somewhere local. but dont we all. so velcro is good i take it, countour maybe. any word on the type of material or anything?

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