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Thread: Things arnt going my way

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    Default Things arnt going my way

    Ok I was planing to do my first buy soon. But I got word that my sister, My nephew, her two dogs, her ferit and her clutter are moving in.

    So this complacates things like finding time to buy. We have a small house as is. My hidding places are still good though. But I now have to share my room with him. So I need to know how to get away with this.

    So here is my question. How do I hid my DLisum in a crowded house?

    also How do some of you that live in crowded house hid your stash?

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    So is this your personal house or your parents house?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dprdinky View Post
    So is this your personal house or your parents house?
    My parents house. Untill I have my own car I can't move out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoo View Post
    I think you meant Ferret, right?

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    I doubt that her dogs, ferret or clutter will notice your diapers, and if they do they'll be unlikely to tell anybody.

    Only you know the likelihood of anybody finding your hiding places. I hid mine right in the corner under my bed behind all my other junk. My advice would be to plan everything carefully beforehand and if you find too many things that could go wrong ask yourself it is worth the risk? You can always wait a little longer but if you get found out you can't go back.

    Anyway, good luck

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    Animals won't tell (last time I checked >_>)
    What type of people are your nephew and sister?

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