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Thread: Underjams...?

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    Question Underjams...?

    I may have not been paying attention, or just been lazy in "keeping up with things", but I just found out about the new "Underjams" today and was wondering what everyone's opinions is on them. I've only ever worn Goodnites, which fit me pretty much perfectly since I'm pretty small for my age, but are Underjams bigger/smaller?

    Someone suggested diapers (like real ones), but I don't know if I'm quite willing to risk that. Plus, I doubt I'd fit into adult diapers anyway.

    Any info is greatly appreciated!

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    They have been around four awhile now, I haven't tried them but we talked about this a great deal when they first came out. I don't remeber much but I do remeber that people said that Underjams had strechear tabs.

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    From memory: they are slightly more absorbent than Goodnites, they fit nicely up to about a 32 inch waist without worrying about the sides tearing, and they ride slightly lower on the hips so they can be worn with less chance of being observed.

    Search back in the old threads for more comments. I put up some pictures of the boys' Underjams, inculding an embarrassing pic of me wearing one. Keep in mind there that my hips are 8 inches bigger around than the size I gave above; the sides will tear more easily when stressed like that.

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    I seemed to recall that the general consensus was that they didn't hold as much, and that they easily ripped on the sides. Some stated that they were smaller.

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    from what i remember from a thread long ago is that they are a bit more bulkier, lower waist, and are more silent. I actually want to try them :/ to bad I'm in Australia

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    I'd say just give them a try. right now my local supermarket is selling the package of 13 for 10.99 so they aren't all that pricey.

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    i've tried them, and all of what has been said is true. At the age of 14, if you are small for your size, they will fit you perfectly. I tried them when I was 20 and they were a little tight at 32" waist, but it all worked out. Definitely better leak protection than goodnites. You can't sit in a goodnight and go for long before it ends up on the sofa underneath you.

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    I would have to agree with the-ownage. This is coming from personal experiences:

    1. Underjams do hold more and leak less.
    2. They are definitely more comfortable. I'm not sure if it's the material, or extra padding, or what. But they are more comfy.
    3. They do rip ALOT easier than Goodnites. (This might just be because of my size. About 31.5" waist)
    4. They do ride lower than Goodnites. Easier for hiding under jeans and what not.
    5. They are EXTREMELY quiet. Almost to the point of underwear quiet.

    Hope this helps. xD

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    Same as the last 2 posts, but just wanted to ad that they so make small and youth "adult" diapers that will fit you.

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