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Thread: Perfect Attendance for 13 freakin years

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    Default Perfect Attendance for 13 freakin years

    Some obviously some chick from Maryland hasn't missed a school day in 13 years not even for vacation, doc/dentist appointments, or from being sick.

    I barely went to school 5 days a week especially my senior year. 3-4 days a week was my max for senior year. ^_^

    Sorry I just saw this yesterday on Yahoo News and wanted some input.


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    A korean most likely already beat that record. Korean's can do ANYTHING. :P

    (And no I don't mean that as a form of racism, it's just that all the ones I seen are HIGHLY motivated. Oh asides for this one leader in north Korea, that one is just a dick.)

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    Default about dedication.

    I was never that motivated either.... I usually came pretty damn close to using all of my "sick days"...I think we had like 15 days or so per year.

    My district was weird though...if you brought a doctors note the absense was erased from your record. So if I really was sick, the note would take care of everything.

    Props to her though. She will probably put all of us to shame one day.....

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    This should be the norm, not in the bloody paper!

    I don't see why it's all that unusual. School holidays are very generous, and you get the summer off. To my mind, there's no good reason why you should miss school to go on vacation.
    I don't know what to say about the doctors, usually you can book for after school. But even if you can't or you have to go to A&E or something, you can get a note and that doesn't count as missing school.

    And for being off ill: if you're really *that* ill that you have to miss to school then you should have gone to the doctors at some point, which would mean you'd have a note.

    As you can probably tell, I didn't miss much school. Not when I was ill (except when I couldn't physically move...), not when my friend died, not for holidays... I don't like missing it and getting behind.

    Except in primary school when I was ill. You should get away with skiving then.
    I still think 100% attendance shouldn't be that strange though.
    I have a load of those 100% certificates that you get given. I'm a right swot, but it might help me get a job one day.

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    God, thats pretty amazing. I'm finishing senior year right now, and I haven't been to school on a Friday in probably two months.

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    She is insane
    I take at least 3 days off a year (Jewish Holidays) plus all the "sick" days

    In year 7 + 8 i broke many bones and was diagnosed with A retina problem, so missed lots of school, which was cool, coz I HATED my school - I get to leave at the end of June after my exams =]

    but this girl has dedication beyond belief, I mean, not 1 sick day. So blatently she had "parental Guidence" like many people do The Following may sound racist, but it isn't meant to be It may be likely that she is Asian, as they seem to be less prone to taking days off for school, because their parents are generally stricter, therefore, not as easy to persuade to take a day off school.

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    This means that she went to school when she was sick... and endangered the health of teachers and other students.

    I HATE parents who make their kids do that kind of shit... just for some lame-ass award at the end of it all.

    Ironicly kids like this are the ones who skip the first week of college classes.

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    That's disgusting. Who the hell doesn't miss a single day of school? I've missed 15 just this year.

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