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    Default Hi all!

    Hello everyone. I was once registered on adisc ( in the dark ages) as deepend or deep or something of the like until I deleted my account but I am now back. I apologize for my hasty departure about a half-year ago, but I was 'caught' by my fam and had to seriously be on the down-low for a while with this kind of stuff. I now find myself in better circumstances again and would like to reconnect to this great community of peeps.

    I am 21, male;
    AB/DL but more DL than AB;
    Straight with a GF who knows and supports me;
    Christian with mixed (left right and moderate) political views.

    I am also an audiophile;
    Sound engineer;
    Aspiring entrepreneur;
    Short-hand cook;
    and a bit of a connoisseur of fine tobacco products.

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    Nice to see a fellow cook..what type of food do you like?

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    (love the avie so cute)

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    Quote Originally Posted by aero View Post
    I am also an audiophile;
    Sound engineer;

    and a bit of a connoisseur of fine tobacco products.
    What sort of audio equipment do you have, or aspire to having? I once had a and I miss it...

    What manner of tobacco? pipe or cigars? (I've not heard of cigarette or chewing tobacco connoisseurs, though I am partial to an Indian beedi on occasion.)

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    I like all kinds of food, Fire, If it's in front of me I eat it, and there's a good chance that I've cooked it too.

    Raccoon, my personal library consists mainly of CDs and LPs. I just have a standard sony CD player with a headphone out for the CDs since I don't have any SACDs or anything up that alley. However I do enjoy a good 180 gram pure virgin vinyl record. I currently spin on a technics sl-1200 Mk2, with the stock tonearm and a shure M97xE cart, running into a pioneer VSX-305 receiver. I run two sets of speakers in an A + B configuration off the receiver; a pair of Sony HH-s700, (they came with a mid-range bookshelf system) these handle the mid and upper range. The other pair is a set of speakers given to me by a friend and mentor of mine in the audiophile world (he's got like $60k plus invested in his two (2) McIntosh systems) and I don't really know what they are. They are one-way with 10" drivers, walnut cabinets and wicker grills and look to be from the mid to late seventies in origin. But they do sound great, I would value them at around $200-$300 only because they only really handle the lower to mid-range effectively, they need something else to help them upstairs.

    However I would love and do plan on eventually having a system with nothing less then a McIntosh receiver, two McIntosh mono-block amps, a dedicated phono pre-amp, a VPI super scoutmaster turntable and some kind of pair of ridiculous over-the-top speakers. One piece at a time ...

    As for tobacco ...
    I like pipe tobacco, usually something with black Cavendish. As for stoggies I usually smoke a Partagas sambosso or padre, and sometimes I indulge in a black label. However my favorite cigar is a Rockey Patel 1992 - sooo good, especially with gin and tonic.

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    oooH, Scoutmatrer. I want a rega planar 3 or anyother systemdek, tube amps... I like magnapans, quasi-electrostatic flat drivers... Rhis is of course down the road a bit...
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    Welcome to the site! I am glad you have a girlfriend who knows and supports you, we all need somone to talk to about this; and to change our diapers! Haha. Welcome to the site.

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