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    Hey everyone i havent posted in awhile but i was wondering whos all gay/bi on here. It kinda gets disgusting talking to horny sixty year olds on other sites. XD

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    Im gay, IVe known for like 1-2 years, although I originally thought I was bisexual.

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    I'm kinda in the "Confused" state of mind. I'm not sure what turns me on in particular. If I imagine a vagina or boob, spring. A penis or buff guy, possibly. But that can change over time.

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    I see the beauty in both sexes, and have enjoyed both, but after college, I've been married to my wife all these years. It's been a good life and rewarding. We had the whole family in on Saturday before Memorial Day for my wife's birthday. We both had a great time with our kids, and now grand kids. The circle of life goes on and on.

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    For the lack of a better specification: Yes, I am.

    I'm really very unsure about my attractions to the opposite sex. Girls my age basically do nothing for me. Except for the rare instances when they look extremely boyish. Women, as in above 30 are more interesting. But would I want to have sex with them? I dunno. Could I get it up for them if I were to try? I dunno. It's at least safe to say that I like guys. Perhaps I could be described as gay with hints of bi-curiosity. Honestly though, I can't really be bothered to label my sexuality in absolutes.

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    I didn't think it was an issue here as to whether you were gay/lesbian/bi/straight. That's not the reason I came to this site for. That said I'm straight but it doesn't bother me to be friends with anyone else no matter their lifestyle, or their age either. I guess I'm close to being that 60 yr old horny guy (although I'm not horny as you say) than I am with being a teenager. Again it's not a bother to me what age you are here, as we can all be friends and not allow the distinctions come between us.

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    Im not saying i have anything against age, im saying i dont like really old guys asking me to send them nude pics. And i consider myself bi. I get turned on by womens looks but then i get extremely turned off when i think about sex with women but i get turned on when thinking about guys.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm gay.

    There are a couple of women I love very much, just not in a sexual way. My partner and I have been together 10 years and I love him very much.

    60-year-olds still get horny? Who knew? Hee hee! At least I have something to look forward to when I'm old, har har

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    I'm gay, haven't been for long (think i went slightly crazy in the proses of figuring it out but it's all good now)

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