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Thread: Got me samples today!!!

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    Default Got me samples today!!!

    Well they finally arived! My 2 ATN and 2 Slimlime samples finally arrived. They came in a completly discrete box, like something a bathing suit comes in, with the return address saying "Samples" on it. I really want to try the diapers, but I have a tutor coming over right now, so uberness will have to wait. Just though I'd let you all know.

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    You enjoy that ;-)
    where did you order the samples from? the manufacturers or a retailer?

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    go to the incontinence it on google and go under Tranquility products, they have a number you can call and place your order for free samples

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    i'd watch out for free samples, especially if you live with someone. they are going to try to update you with more deals and bullshit. any company believes the best customer, is a customer that is interested-- and that is why some offer free samples.

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    Interesting. Keep us updated on the amount of spam advertisements you get. =]

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