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Thread: furry code

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    Default furry code

    FCW4crsw A- C- D H+++ M+ P++>++++ R+++ T+++ W->W Z- SMS RL a- c wXP d+ e- f++++ h*>h++ i+ j p sms

    is this correct its suppost to be my code but im not sure if i did it right

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    The Furry Code Decoder

    That's a furry code decoder. Stick it in there. Yours works for the most part, there's just a few parts that don't work. :3

    FCC4ad/CM4ad/UB6s A+ C- D++ H- M P+ R++ T++++ W Z- Sf-- RLU a19 cm++ d--- e+ f++ h+ i++ j p+ sf-

    There's mine, just 'cause. :3

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    yep its right me likes
    i really dont care about the sex stuff

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    Okay, that's cool.

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    I havent made mine available for a while now as they seemed to all but vanish for peroids until a new fur brings them up again.
    Mine's FCMf3ac A- C D+++ H++ M P++++ R- T+++ W Z+ Sm++ RLCT a clno+ e++ f++ h*>++ i++ j+ p++ sm+

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    How do I make my own?

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    it's a little dated but here's where I made mine a few years back - Fur Code Interface

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    Here's mine :3

    FP3a A- C- D+ H+ M+ P++++ R+++ T++++ W Z- Sm- RLTI a c++++ w d++ e+ f++ h* i++ j++ p+ sm-

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