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Thread: What Diaper should I Start out with?

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    Default What Diaper should I Start out with?

    This summer, I'm planning on going down to the shore with family. At the shore, allot of the stores are in biking distance. (I have a bike there). Any way I'm already getting excited because the summer's coming up fast. So I took a look at the 'Diaper reviews' Wiki. The Abena X-plus looks amazing, and I've heard some good news about it in a thread. yesterday, my mom was going to the pharmacy and I decided to tag along. I slowly strolled past the diaper isle, until I got up the courage to walk through. All I was Depends, Attends, Assurance, and some smaller brand. I Wondering how likely it is to find Abena X-Plus in stores? If I go to a store on vacation, and I don't have a good selection, What should I get? I heard allot of bad things about Depends, except for maximum protection. So my real question here is what brand SHOULDN'T I get.

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    don't get depends, very uncomfortable, only ones in a store that are plastic, buy walgreens brand with two tabs on each side

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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is nearly impossible to find Abena X-plus on the shelf in your local pharmacy. The only type of store that might have them would be a medical supply store, which most larger towns have one - you can do a quick search on yellowpages to see. Otherwise, attends are generally the best you can get in a store, and even then they are hard to find. Other than that, the best that you are likely to find are the Depend Maximum Protection - these are the plastic backed ones with the tapes, however even these seem to be becoming harder to find as stores are taking up more shelf space with the new Depend's gender-specific pullups, which I can't really comment on as I have yet to try them. I can say that the previous generation pullup from depend was disappointing.

    However, you may want to find out if you have a Wal-mart nearby, as you can order Molicares through their website, and pick it up at the store, or so I hear.

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    the plastic backed depends are crap, they hold a small amount of wetting and they start to smell and the clumps that are supposed to hold the urine fall out because the stitching is done so bad, making them leak, i may try the bigger size if that makes a difference

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    Quote Originally Posted by hen View Post
    the plastic backed depends are crap, they hold a small amount of wetting and they start to smell and the clumps that are supposed to hold the urine fall out because the stitching is done so bad, making them leak, i may try the bigger size if that makes a difference
    Can't say that's been my experience. They are definitely not a heavy-duty diaper as most AB/DLs would reckon, but I've found them to do the job adequately in the look and feel department, also being cheap, and up until the release of the male/female pull-up variety, pretty easy to find. If I'm only inclined to wear for a short time, they're the one I'd use.

    To the original question, Abena X-Plus are quite thick, but I don't care for the clumping and their taping system annoys the heck out of me (tapes tend to pop off, and I just find the little landing strip design inelegent). Secure X-Plus are not as thick but seem to be pretty much on par for absorbancy (probably a little less), clump less, and have an excellent taping system that allows for adjustment. Alas, these are all products you'll have to find online.

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    Your best bet will be to travel around to the pharmacies you can reach and see what they stock. It really depends on what kind of town you are in... you might have a good selection... you might not.

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    If all you have is chain stores, you are most likely only going to find the inexpensive mass produced brands. Depends will work, but for the price you should try some of the local store brands, ie, Wal-greens/Assurance/Rite-aid etc. They will hold just as much as a Depends for half the price. If you can find Tena, their "Super" and "Ultra" line of fitted briefs aren't terrible.

    Dark's suggestion is about the best. It takes a little confidence, but once you've done it a time or two its no biggy. You might be surprised by the local pharmacies and medical supply places. I'm kind of a diaper hobbiest and I like to find off label stuff and other new things I've never seen before if just to see how they turn out.

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    I agree that you are unlikely to find really good diapers at an American drugstore.

    Except: I've noticed that pharmacies associated with hospitals or large medical clinics sometimes have better-quality diapers for sale. Check those out if they exist where you're going.

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    If your planning on going biking in them you don't want X-Plus anyways. Too thick, it would probably get uncomfortable.

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    I like the Walgreens brand. CVS, Walgreens. Just get the generic ones they have. They're actually pretty good. But with the generic brand make sure you find the ones that say adjustable. So much better fit when you can do it yourself.

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