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    Ok. So I just bought a pack of Depends Pants for Women and when I go home, I tried them out expecting them to hold at least 2-3 wettings and after one and a half, they started to leak.

    This made me wonder, what is the most absorbant diaper you can get in a UK store (not online). I live in a big city which has a range of shops inc. boots.

    Any suggestions for diapers would be welcome

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    I know my local pharmacy has Tena Slip Maxi's, so you may want to try yours. I think it's the best you're likely to get in a store.

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    Unless you are very lucky and can get some good ones in a local chemist (not a chain one) or a medical goods dealer or something, you probably won't be able to get anything better than Boot's Stay Dry - which aren't that good. I would imagine that you probably won't be able get something better than 2 wettings at anything you can by in a chain store.

    If you are lucky like Pidge, you will probably be able to get something a lot better. If you are brave enough you could ask in a local pharmacy - even if they don't have them they might be willing to order them in. Just look sheepish and have an excuse like they are for your nan if any difficult questions are asked.

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    I've tried (unisex) Depend pull-ups and Tena Pull-ups and whilst both are Ok, they aren't brilliant, perhaps because the padding doesn't come up very far at the front and back. Maybe the padding isn't as wide as it could be either. Having said that, I've had more substantial nappies that have still leaked. Anyway...I wonder whether part of the leaking is to do with the absence of 'leak-guards'. (I assume you know leak guards are the inner leg cuffs that 'stand up' within the nappy and hold the fluid within until it can be absorbed.) I don't think Depends pants have leak guards, I know Tena 'Discreet' Pants don't have them, but I have seen other Tena pants in SuperDrug (they might be called Tena Super) which I believe DO have leak guards. I have never tried them, but I read the packet in a store. I know they would be more absorbent than Tena Discreet, so they might be more absorbent them Depends Pants.

    To really get more absorbancy, finding some tape-up fitted nappies would be the ideal, like others have said. So it's Boots Stay Dry, or those shops that sell medical things (or things for caring for the elderly).

    I notice you say getting supplies over the web is not an option. I know there are numerous reasons why using the web for these things might not be feasible, but you might be interested to know that the (UK) Tender-Care website allows you to print out an order form and pay via cheque rather than needing a bank card.

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    Ive only ever found decent Diapers in the uk through smaller Pharmacys and disability stores, a good idea might be able to get you local phone directory and ring up some of the smaller pharmacys in the area, then you dont have to go into every small shop and ask? I find that most pharmacys in the UK are able to easily get hold of the tena Slip range which are alot better than the Tena/Depends slip on ones that you would get in Tescos or Boots e.t.c

    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon View Post
    I would suggest using an aftershave. It helps with those.

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    good news everyone! i got some nappies the other day and they are great. kendall-lille supreme fit maxis

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